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What happens if you stack 100 lightning rods in your house!

  • Aislinna
    Very cool and creative!

  • evymyu233
    very cool :o
  • Jaraal

    Gives me ideas for the electrical field under the platforms in the Frostvault house.
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  • Adremal
    Sudden urge to get up and indulge in some industrial dancing. Awesome idea and video edit!
  • Araneae6537
    Awesome! :sunglasses:
  • ArchangelIsraphel
    @Evilspock If it's a good video edit, I know you're behind it! This was awesome!

    If anyone here is a Star Trek fan, Evil Spock also has some pretty amazing Star Trek themed edits as well. (And the guild house of Vulcan Commandos has one of the most amazing ship builds you'll ever see!)
    Legends never die
    They're written down in eternity
    But you'll never see the price it costs
    The scars collected all their lives
    When everything's lost, they pick up their hearts and avenge defeat
    Before it all starts, they suffer through harm just to touch a dream
    Oh, pick yourself up, 'cause
    Legends never die
  • Jaimeh
    That's super cool! I like that you set it up in the Orbservatory too.
  • Shagreth
    This is just insane, one of the best ESO videos I've seen.
    Edited by Shagreth on March 14, 2024 9:34AM
  • amig186
    It's beautiful. Those consoles at the beginning look amazing too. Killer lighting effects.
    PC EU
  • ApoAlaia
    For some reason the last part of the video reminded me of the awkward dancing at Flux in ME :smiley:

    Either way very entertaining \o/

    Also mandatory:

  • Evilspock
    Thanks so much for the kind comments! It’s up in the guildhall open to the public if you want to have a personal look.

    chat command:
    /script JumpToSpecificHouse("@evilspock”,55)
    Edited by Evilspock on March 15, 2024 12:29AM
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  • antihero_kazuma
    Absolutely stunning. Great job with that idea
  • Vulkunne
    Looks great.
    Edited by Vulkunne on March 15, 2024 4:58AM
    Scourge of the Pact, Sorrow of the Covenant, Sunder of the Dominion
  • Shara_Wynn
    Brilliant! Certainly beats a glow stick! :D
  • drkfrontiers
    Incredible and well done! Hope you had fun and feeling accomplished. You should.
    "One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star."
    ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
  • FabresFour
    ok this is soo cool! :D
    @FabresFour - 2075 CP
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  • Drammanoth
    Electrifying and energising!
    My wishlist for ESO
    >>weapons: Polearms, Unarmed, Crossbow

    >>Sorc's Twilight - perched animation

    >>a skill line - a guild having this - to enable us to increase % gold gain for donating Ornate gear (another gold sink in order to gain more pennies - but over time it would pay off)

    II.Overland Mechanics
    >>tree climing in Grahtwood / Malabal Tor / Greenshade, etc. (with tall trees)

    >>rock climbing in Glenumbra / Rivenspire / Stonefalls, etc. (with tall peaks)

    >>new skill lines - Adventure (enable climbing, increase flora and fauna harvesting chances)

    III.CP 2.0
    >>Craft Tree development -->

    III.Replayable content in overland
    >>dynamic pocket rifts to Oblivion - eg. to Vaermina's in Stormhaven, Boethiah's in Deshaan, Hircine's in the Rift OR in Bankgorai, etc. to get Daedric Sets relevant to the Prince, something like Oblivion rifts in Blackwood / the Deadlands

    >>Pyandonea - we had some quests WITH Maormer (Summerset, High Isle) - maybe we could meet them there? Poke poke, nudge nudge, wink wink, eh ZOS?

    >>Norg-Tzel - for Mara's sake, ZOS, REMOVE it from the list please!

    (the ideas are also inspired by other Forum Users' posts)
    >>pet battles! We collect SO MANY pets, and yet there are just a cosmetic. What a HUGE potential lies within those tiny beats!

    >>ASOC - a new server in Asia and Oceania. If people have a bad ping there, it would be great if they had a server reaching their places more easily. And hey, it would make THREE servers, not two.

    >>highlighting WBs that are being fought

    >>possibility to dye barding

    >>possibility to switch UI between guild bank<-->bank<-->guild trader

    >>display the dialogue options so that we can see which answer the NPC is reacting to

    >>a way to make Overland more challenging - for those who want
  • nebula3832
    Amazing 🙂 what server is this on.....please say xbox na want to see
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