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Need help creating Forum account for wifey. =)

Hi all,

My wife is not able to create a forum account. She was in Beta, but I don't think she ever created an account on the Beta forums. Just tried to set her up, but it's asking for an "invitation Code", which she doesn't have.

I was able to locate her original Beta Forums Access name and password from her 1st Beta email, but that info no longer works. No code was given when we pre-ordered either. Tried logging in on her game account info, but no dice.

Can somebody tell me what she or I need to do to help her out please?

Thanks all.
  • ZOS_MichaelM
    Hey @Rourke,
    Please pass the following link to your wife and ask her to log in with her account details:
    She should be prompted to create a forum account.
    If that's not the case, please ask her to contact us through our support sites or contact me here on there forums via private message and I'll look into it there.

    PS: I'm sure you're aware of this, but please do not post any account details of your wife here in the discussion thread ;)
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