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New title suggestions


I would like to humbly submit feedback regarding some of the new titles added in U41's dungeons. There's some great material and potential here, and I think the titles that went live are a bit lackluster.


- Instead of "the Self-governing", why not match the corresponding achievement name: "Lithe and Clever"? That would be a fantastic title!
- "the Vengeful" and "the Intervener" don't strike me as the kinds of grandiose, aspirational titles that endgame PVE players enjoy flexing. Why not make some kind of Veil-related reference for the Bedlam Veil champion title, like "Beyond the Veil" or "Veil Piercer"? And for Oathsworn Pit, I feel like something more lore-heavy would be more popular: perhaps a reference to Ash (seeing as Malacath's realm of Oblivion is Ashpit)? I get that Malacath is the daedric prince of vengeance, but we already have "Spark of Vengeance" for Cauldron HM, which I think beats out "the Vengeful" from a coolness factor.

Just my 2 cents here, but as someone who mainly enjoys progging dungeons/trials for the titles (and mounts), I'd love for us to get more timeless favorites like "True Genius", "Storm Foe", "Purified Devastator", etc.

Thanks for reading!
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