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Bunny hat?

Is there a bunny hat or some helmet with whatever resembling long bunny ears?

need it for my jump training. It'll look marvelous with my glowing tail.
Edited by moo_2021 on March 8, 2024 8:00AM
  • LunaFlora
    sadly no
    miaow! i'm Luna ( she/her ).

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  • Enemy-of-Coldharbour
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  • Soraka
    Ohhh want!
  • Dragonnord
    No, please. Not those weird things from asian MMO's. Please, no.
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  • Kendaric
    Don't give ZOS any ideas ...

    Let that asian MMO stuff stay where it is and keep ESO at least somewhat lorefriendly and true to TES.
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    • Warhawke_80
      All I want is this


      Is that so wrong?
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    • SilverBride
    • Malyore
      I can see it on like the silly little outfits they have that are related to jesters. But beyond that..
    • moo_2021
      He needs a flaming tail.
    • wilykcat
      I have two suggestions relating to this topic.

      1. Bunny ears major adornment (which hides elf and kahjiit ears) that is dyable.
      2. Fox ears major adornment.
    • Arizona_Steve
      Dragonnord wrote: »
      No, please. Not those weird things from asian MMO's. Please, no. 

      Like those mounts that look like a nuclear bomb going off when a player gets on them... This is no worse.
      Wannabe Thalmor - Altmer MagSorc
    • Belegnole
    • Araneae6537
      Just no. :expressionless:
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