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Would be nice to have doors & walls that match the older homes.

I've recently been furnishing out Daggerfall Outlook and Linchal Manor, and was frustrated to find that no doors - crafted or purchased - match the doorways in those houses. A lot of the newer houses have entire build kits that are compatible with them, but the older ones are being left in the dust. I'm hoping the upcoming Skingrad release will give us a nice influx of stuff that might match, but my hopes aren't that high. The original three notable homes - Daggerfall Outlook, Ebonheart Chateau, and Serenity Falls Estate - should get some new structure furnishings and it would really breath new life into those abodes.

ZOS - please give us some Breton doors that fit the doorways for Daggerfall Outlook, both the large ones and the smaller ones. A wall and double door that could close off the front of the open barn would be fantastic - just something that would match (Breton Wall, Wood) or (Breton Wall, Barn Door)... you get the picture.
  • LunaFlora
    yea we need doors for every furniture style!

    we also don't have Alinor doors yet
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  • tsaescishoeshiner
    Not to mention large boulders that match them--big enough to make new landscapes, caves, or structures!
    in-game: @tsaescishoeshiner
  • Omegacron
    FYI - In case it helps anyone, I figured out last night that "Markarth Doors, Double" fits those square doorways in Linchal Manor almost exactly. I would prefer actual Imperial doors to keep with the theme, but my headcanon is that the doors were imported.
  • ellmarie
    Thanks for that tip! Also, I agree and about the boulders. I'm going through this now trying to do a Druid style complex.
    Xbox X- NA
  • Araneae6537
    Agreed, we need doors and additional structural furnishings in Alinor and Dunmer styles — I was hoping that we would get the latter this past year! :(
  • TX12001rwb17_ESO
    I want walls and doors that fit Bastion Sanguinaris.
  • BetweenMidgets
  • WolfCombatPet
    Soul Shriven
    I want walls and doors that fit Bastion Sanguinaris.

    Bastion Sanguinaris is the BS house because inside its a hall and a room.
    Outside it looks huge. Lots of rooms and stories high.

    Give us the doors, walls and other stuff to build

    Waste of good assets in the BS house
  • fizzylu
    Yeah, the only thing that would make my Daggerfall Overlook even more perfect is doors that go with the archways.
  • emilyhyoyeon
    I was JUST thinking this to myself last night. This would be so great. I'd love this for legit all my houses, especially the Alinor house.
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  • KnightofGears
    Yes, doors (and doorways) for the alinor style would be a great idea. Maybe some stuff matching the base game high elf style too?
  • swankery
    It seems they got ahead of themselves when creating new items that don't fit without giving us the existing doors and windows I would have imagined they would have given to us years ago. I always think they'll get around to it but... Housing Enthusiast! DDA founder/rep/Twitter@Swankery1@Swankery PC/NA
  • Ruj
    Maybe this will happen with whatever the Q3 big hype super mystery housing feature is.

    Many of us love building from scratch, but the modular structural pieces that we get are so few.

    Leyawiin/Blackwood castle structural furniture isn't even complete. We never got the circular staircases inside towers that the Pantherfang Chapel has.

    I'm not sure why they are so stingy with structural pieces. The only "towers" we've gotten don't even have insides. They are fake, decorative towers (and very small)
    Edited by Ruj on April 15, 2024 10:42PM
  • Stafford197
    More structural furniture, platforms, and walls, as well as more “open space” homes like the Coldharbour Surreal Estate. That is what I hope for the most so we can build our own custom homes.

    Ideally Gold Road will eventually give us a nice flat area surrounded by autumn-themed trees to build in!
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