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Are CPs the key to dps?

Being a newer player, I started by working towards a 1 bar Magicka Sorc build to learn the game. I collected all my purple gear, have the proper traits, enchanted it, use the proper food, mundus, 300 CPs, and have little issue with the easy rotation. I understand, being a 1 bar solo pve build that I am not going to do crazy damage. However, my damage seems very underwhelming. I dont seem to do all that much more than before I had all my gear enchanted. My only option seems to get more CPs. My question is, do CPs make that much of a difference with dps where my damage will go up significantly once I get enough in the correct areas? Also I have noticed when I look at a parser at the end of a dungeon, it shows my Oakensoul ring buffs have a 0% uptime. Am I missing something about the ring?
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  • Alienoutlaw
    there are many factors from Cp that will increase overall damage and increase status effects from skills etc etc, in regards to Oakensoul there is an occasional bug after you die that sometimes will needed to re-equip okensoul especially in IA, maybe share a screen shot.
    in regards to overall DPS you have to remember this is calculated by how much time you spend in combat not how hard you are hitting, the less time you are in combat the higher your DPS will show (hence groups wanting silly numbers for content) you dps will ultimately be dependant on the lowest dps in the group, if in a high dps group your dps will also be higher, only real way to gauge your progress is to parse on a raid dummy.
  • El_Borracho
    Short answer, yes. You don't need max CP to get there, but CP 300 is not high. You do not have enough to put anything into the slottable damage stars on the blue CP tree that will give you a that massive bump in DPS you are looking for (i.e. Thaumaturge, Deadly Aim, Backstabber, etc.). At CP 900 you can max those out.
  • Daoin
    definately yes what you need to do is pay someone to take you to normal BRP and powerlevel to 3600 cp :D then even if your dps dont change you will still look the part and nobody will know the difference
    Edited by Daoin on February 26, 2024 4:46PM
  • Spyte11_ESO
    Thanks for all the help, everyone. That definitely answers my question about getting the key CPs. I wasn't sure if they were a bit of a game changer, but it sounds like they are. Thanks again!
  • fred4
    I did some testing, once, with a CP450 build versus what I normally run. This included not just low CP, but also no access to trial and arena sets. It did maybe half the damage of what I normally do.

    That said, are you running 5 pieces each of Sergeant's Mail and Noble Duelist or similar sets (Storm Master, Undaunted Unweaver / Infiltrator, Infallible Mage)? If you don't run two of those specific sets with a heavy attack build, if you don't use a lightning staff, or if you don't use a light or medium armor build (at least 5 pieces light or medium), then that would be your problem and no amount of CP would fix that.
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  • Zodiarkslayer
    DPS is mostly depending on Rotation. Just because one thinks he has mastered it doesn't mean one has. Numbers don't lie. Thats why we measure.

    Yes, CPs are a factor, but not as much as other will let you believe. Golden gear is more important.
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  • WrathOfInnos
    CP’s are a little overrated. 300 is fairly low, so you will notice a difference as you get up to the 600-900 range, but after that they don’t do much. On average, you’ll be seeing just under 0.02% DPS gain per new CP at this point, and that will slowly diminish as you increase. By CP alone, expect to see roughly a 10% increase by the time you’re maxed out.

    Don’t be discouraged by this, it just means you have a lot of opportunities to increase DPS without grinding CPs. Practicing rotations is going to be the largest factor, minimizing downtime on buffs/DoTs and dead space between casts. Optimizing penetration and critical damage are also very important, and these depend on which buffs and debuffs your group provides. Gear is also important, quality and set choices. Oakensoul is not great, and even single bar builds may perform better without it (confirmed for Arc, Warden and Necro, but I’m not sure about Sorc, it depends how often you heavy attack and if you have another source of empower). Food, enchants (especially on jewelry), traits (especially on jewelry), potions and Mundus stone can all make a difference as well.
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  • AcadianPaladin
    I agree that CP makes a difference but not a massive one. With ~1200 CP you can max all your passives and slot 12 maxed slottables. Beyond that, the only advantage of more CP is IF you want the flexibility of changing your slottables around based on the mission or content you want to do.
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