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Let's Fix the Cheesemonger's Hollow Crash Loop!

Lately I've seen cases of people getting locked out of their character while doing the Volendrung tutorial quest in Cyrodiil - and upon trying it myself, I discovered that replicating this bug is extremely easy. You just gotta walk into a pool of water near the first target dummy and voila, your character is in the shadow realm. Here's a small video demonstrating this:

To my knowledge, repairing your game through the Launcher can sometimes un-stuck the character, but in most cases users have to contact Support in order to get their toons back. This bug is undoubtedly souring new players' experience in Cyrodiil. Let's get some eyes on this issue and hopefully get it patched out :)
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  • ZOS_Hadeostry

    After further review we have decided to move this thread to a category we think is more appropriate for this topic, as it's troubleshooting on the PC platform.

    Thank you for your understanding
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  • ZOS_Bill

    Thank you for the video showing this issue in action.

    Have you already submitted a ticket to support explaining this crash issue during the tutorial?

    If so, what is the ticket number?

    The ticket number will allow us to check and ensure this is being looked into.
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