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Nightblade or Necromancer more difficult to play? DPS

Soul Shriven
I've narrowed it down to these 2 classes, I know that they can be both difficult to play but which one is more reasonable? Can be magicka or stamina DPS. I've seen some of the patch notes which intend to make the classes more simple but I can't tell yet.
  • Necrotech_Master
    based on the feedback and the changes ive read in the PTS section

    NB will be getting significantly easier next update

    necromancer will likely get harder unless you find the magical niche that works with the new design for stalking blastbones lol
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  • LunaFlora
    i think Necromancer is more difficult.
    some abilities rely on corpses which isnt always a thing you have access to.
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  • tsaescishoeshiner
    It depends on what your strengths are.

    If you're good at light attack weaving, you'll be fine with nightblade, because they need good weaving for recovery and damage.

    If you're good at using Blastbones every 3 seconds and not getting distracted if it takes longer, then necromancer will be great. In my experience, there's always a corpse when you need it (if you use blastbones) and I barely even have to think about it. You mainly need it for Boneyard every 10 seconds and Tether every 20 seconds, and blastbones makes like 6ish corpses every 20 seconds.

    If you like heavy attack builds, I found them much easier and tankier on necromancer.

    It's worth trying out both--just keep in mind you don't unlock Grim Focus until almost level 50 on nightblade, which is when the class really starts to come into its own.
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  • Zodiarkslayer
    Fully levelled Nightblade is much easier to play. And also more powerful, because you make less mistakes.
    The build comes together rather lately. It's not just Grim Focus, it is also Drain Power.

    Necro is still looking for a reasonably simple playstyle. And for all its complexity, it is still underpowered.
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  • El_Borracho
    Nightblade is all about being aware of your timers on your back bar while you LA weave on your front bar. As a class, it is one of the better DD options and likely will remain near the top.

    For me, Necro has always been a wonky mess. Between Blastbones targeting and delay with the cast time, and the annoyance of the tether and your positioning in order to take advantage of it, and the built-in sustain issues which require resources from the group to maintain effective DPS, Necro has had intentional disadvantages from inception. The raft of nerfs the class has suffered afterwards has reduced them to a niche class in both PVE and PVP
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