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Sundown: Christian & Family-Friendly | Eastern Evening Gamers | Social, PvE

Soul Shriven

Are you seeking companionship in the vast lands of Tamriel? Look no further! Sundown is recruiting all manner of mudcrab slayers, pocket poachers, woe reapers, and even Lawful Good types into our ranks. Yes, holier-than-thous are super welcomed into Sundown, the Christian and Family-Friendly gaming community. But like, don't judge us for bathing in the blood of our fallen foes, 'kay.

Why choose us, you ask? Well, let us regale you with our guild's finest qualities:
  • Christian & Family-Friendly: Murder, mayhem, and running amuck are some of our favorite pastimes in Tamriel; however, we keep all our jokes and conversations PG. So if you're looking for a community where you don't have to keep your headphones on and the volume on low, then we're a good fit for you.
  • East Coast-Based: Hey there, fellow East Coasters! If you're tired of dealing with time zone differences, rejoice! Most of our members hail from the East Coast, ensuring that our adventures align with your evening and weekend escapades. But perhaps you're a West Coast Warrior. No problem. Our East Coasters tend to stay up later than their bodies and employers would prefer---especially on weekends (also, we have West Coasters in the Guild, but they're a minority).
  • Dad Jokes & Karaoke: Puns. We love puns. We also like singing the choruses to whatever song pops into our heads during battle. If you're a 90s kid or have an affinity for Disney songs, then you'll be able to join in on the random singing. And don't worry about sounding good---we're all offkey and it's for sure being clipped for giggles.
  • Supportive Community: Need help with a tough quest? Looking for crafting materials? Need us to pray for you? Our guild members have your back! We believe in helping where we can and shouldering trials both in-game and in real life.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Sundown today and embark on an unforgettable journey filled with faith, fellowship, and fantastic adventures!

We're 100% ✨exclusive✨, so you'll need to visit our website and complete an application. Be sure to join our Discord after submitting the application (or even beforehand, just get your application submitted within 24 hours of joining our Discord to streamline the membership process). We look forward to expanding our circle of friends to include you.
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