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Does Alliance affect Story DLC/Chapters?

Hey peeps :)

I've been playing on Daggerfall Covenant, finished Main, Zone, Silver & Gold

And i wanted to do some City/Cyrodiil PvP with my friends and guild, but they're all Dominion, so i need to change to play with them.

However, I mostly play this game for the story, and I like to listen to all cutscenes etc etc.

So my question if anyone knows, can I change from Daggerfall to Dominion without it affecting story too much in the DLC/Chapters I'm going to be playing?
Would love some examples of things that might change, or if there are none even better. Hope someone knows :)
  • metheglyn
    As far as I know, your faction doesn't come into play in the DLC or chapters as regards the story.

    The only thing I can think that would affect it would be some minimal dialogue choices with recurring characters if you hadn't met them in the base game zones, but since you've done Cadwell's Silver and Gold, you would have come across the major npcs already.

    For example, Razum-dar shows up in Summerset and a few other chapters, and will greet you differently if you know him/have worked with him in the previous story arcs, and sometimes you have dialogue choices to "catch up" with him.
  • LunaFlora
    as far as i know the only characters that have Alliance specific dialogue are the recruiters in Lilmoth and Rimmen.

    so no story issues at all
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  • MiniDude
    Thank you both, I can safely change alliance then :)
  • Necrotech_Master
    after one tamriel faction became almost irrelevant in terms of the PVE side of the game lol
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