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Fabrics and Swimming

Can someone remind me again the official reasons we don't have capes/shawls/scarves and swimming underwater? I'd heard that the engine eso was built in can't handle it. But I'm confused why those things exclusively it can't handle?

I'm no coder, but swimming is just a matter of animation (which they already have) and then positioning, right? Since we have a form of gravity and jumping already, could it not be as simple as just an "ascend and descend" button while under water?

And then with fabrics, we see mobs that have them. I recall seeing a litch at a dolmen that had a cape, so how is it not applicable to the player? We don't need cloth physics , just cloth animations which again already exist in many of the armor fabrics and in at least one of the hairstyles. You move to the right, your waistcloth and hair animate to the left to simulate the appearance of physics. I'd imagine capes are more difficult, but since they've already done it with mobs I feel confused how it's such a roadblock to give to players?
  • TaSheen
    The swimming is the z-axis as I understand it - there isn't much of a z axis in this game engine.

    As far as the fabric issues, I would think it's a matter of how few the NPCs are, as opposed to multitudes of player characters.

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

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