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Mythic sets with no DLC

Soul Shriven
Hi so as the title suggest is there any mythic set that doesn't require to look for leads in any DLC zone?

I currently have Necrom and I was very disappointed to see that almost all mythic sets requires to have eso plus or unlocked any of the dlc so you can get the leads to dig the mythic item .
  • Cooperharley
    No - all mythics require the antiquities system unlocked with the Greymoor expansion
  • Danikat
    You have to at least own Greymoor (or have ESO+ active), because the antiquities system is part of that expansion, without it you won't be able to dig up any of the leads.

    If you have Greymoor you'll be able to dig up all antiquities (including mythic items) found in Western Skyrim and all the base game zones. To dig up ones in DLC or expansion zones you need to also own the relevant DLC or expansion to be able to go there.
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  • AlwaysDancing
    Torc of Tonal Constancy - leads are in Alik'r, Deshaan, Bangkorai, Craglorn, Stonefalls

    I think this is the only one that has all the leads available in base game zones.

  • Maitsukas
    Aside from the Torc of Tonal Constancy above, the following are also available from the free-to-access zones + Greymoor Chapter.

    Bloodlord's Embrace
    • Sanguine's Demesne bosses, digsite in Shadowfen
    • Spindleclutch I, digsite in Glenumbra
    • Imperial City Sewers bosses, digsite in Khenarthi's Roost
    • Village of the Lost bosses, digsite in Coldharbour
    • Crypt of Hearts I, digsite in Rivenspire
    Snow Treaders
    • Bleakrock Isle mobs, digsite in Bleakrock Isle
    • Labyrinthian bosses, digsite in Western Skyrim
    • Underpall Cave (Cyrodiil), digsite in Coldharbour
    • The Rift World Bosses, digsite in The Rift
    • Direfrost Keep, digsite in Eastmarch
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  • pauldam29
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks for your answers.

    Well I see most of the good stuff is in the DLCs so I guess I might have to buy gear instead. Hope they add more free mythics in the future
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