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What size houses for guild halls?

Not too long ago you couldn't even think about not having a notable home for guild halls, mainly to fit all of the attuned crafting stations. (In pantherfang chapel I even added a bunch of floors floating out in the ocean to make more room!) But now that they have grand master crafting stations, all that's needed is those, the mundus stones, some NPCs and a dummy. Has there been in increase in standard or manor sized houses used for halls since then? I think it's nice not having to run everywhere and have been considering trying to move my attempt of a hall to a smaller home.
  • Pixiepumpkin

    I believe this players question can only be answered by a developer/someone with internal data.

    Has there been an increase in the usage of standard or manor sized homes for guild halls since the crafting table update (eliminating the need to place crafting tables everywhere)?
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  • freespirit
    Whilst it is now possible to use a smaller house for your guild's crafting house, it is now also possible to use all that gained space to decorate the remaining house as a place to socialise with guildmates.

    With that in mind you might want to stick with a 350/700 space house as oppose to a 300/600 one because of the extra population the larger house allows for.

    Whilst 24 guests is still a horribly small amount for any Guild Event it is way, way better than 12!!
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  • fizl101
    I would say it depends now really on how many people are likely to be in the house at one time, and limits on special furnishings. If more than 12 people stay with the big house, similar if several people want to use training dummies as its easier to keep them apart and not impact each other with a large house
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  • tsaescishoeshiner
    You still want a hall that can fit 24 people (or 12 without ESO+).

    If your concern is not having to run around so much, you can block off areas to make a nice intimate space. Or make a crafting area, raffle/auction area, a parse area, a dueling area etc.

    The main change is that crafting halls can now be pretty, fully-decorated homes and not just a bunch of tables with sparse decorations due to the item limit.

    I don't think it's feasible to get data on whether guild halls have downsized, as there's no official category for guild hall. Sometimes it's one of several houses linked in the guild menu, sometimes it's the GM's primary, and often it's neither.
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