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update 41 has a big fashion problem

If anyone has already read the patch notes or been on the PTS, you will probably know what I am talking about, if not, stay tuned.
I have been eyeing the new outfit styles for the new class specific sets from the PTS, as I was excited to have the look, while not having the abilities. Specifically as a sorcerer I was really looking forward to the soulcleaver head piece.
However, I go on today and notice that the fashion pieces, so the outfit pieces only, aren't available for all classes. These outfit styles (notice how I say styles, not set pieces) shouldn't in my opinion be limited by class. Fashion should be fore everyone, and if someone wants to create a look using these armour pieces, then let them have it. I was very excited for the pieces, as I knew I couldn't have the set pieces, but the outfit style I thought "wow this will be awesome to use, so I can create a rogue sorcerer look!" Imagine my shock, my bewilderment, my HORROR when I saw clothing is class limited. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but I was kind of disappointed! Now here's the part where I have to come up with a genuine argument besides "I look cool in soul cleaver as a sorc pls zos <3" as the genuine argument would be that ESO previously has never limited us by fashion before, all recent adornments are unisex, hats are unisex and most hairstyles that are new are also unisex and available for most races. TES character creation has always been about creating a specific look that you enjoy and role playing that backstory, and you need the look to complete it! Akatosh forbid I slay on the battlefield and in my own mirror.

From a cosplay point of view, limiting people who might want to use more than one of these set pieces together is also a hinderance to the ESO cosplay scene. Yes that's a thing, and it's absolutely awesome. Or how about an RPG themed character- A necromancer who was a templar previously who still uses his old wrathsun armour style over his new dark and evil necromancer armour.

Image from the PTS

My two characters whom in my opinion look great with the headpiece they cannot use. I could not zoom in further as this is on the live server where you can still preview the look, on the PTS you can't even preview it.:

whether or not you like my character's look with it on, I hope you have heard my concerns regarding this, as I want some freedom regarding the look of my character. Thank you for reading and I hope zos sees this <3
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i love borzois!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bluelights400
    I forgot how to edit these posts, but this is essentially feedback. I am unsure if others have already made this same point, but I might as well. Thanks for reading!
    i love borzois!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ESO_player123
    I forgot how to edit these posts, but this is essentially feedback. I am unsure if others have already made this same point, but I might as well. Thanks for reading!

    There is a whole thread about this going on on PTS forum.
  • NotaDaedraWorshipper
    That is very disheartening and I hope it gets changed. Styles and motifs definitely shouldn't be restricted by class, least of all in Elder Scrolls where the concept of class is very vague in the first place.

    I've been waiting for the styles to be released and was bummed they weren't at release, and was looking forward to use some parts on various classes. Like the Soulcleaver helmet would be great for my warden, and the Monolith of Storms hat and chest on my templar.
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  • karthrag_inak
    Khajiit cannot, like, _IMAGINE_ how the TOTALLY [snip] valley-girl daedra would EVER, like, allow such a fashion catastrophe. Like totally, O...M...G... Becky! GRODY!

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  • Jaraal
    Darn it, I want to use sorcerer skills like Streak on my nightblade. How can ZOS be so unfair to the players?
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  • nwilliams2107b16_ESO
    Going against the grain here, they are called Class sets for a reason, for example the Templar Chest has the Templar sign front and centre of the chest piece, why should a Nightblade use it?! They give the Class a bit of identity which is needed.
    Other games have Class specific transmogs, keep It as it is it’s fine. There are literally hundreds of other motifs out there to use, use them.
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    Because there is a thread already open on this topic, we're going to close this one down so that all feedback can be consolidated in one place. You may continue the discussion here.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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