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[REQUEST] Give us possibility to mirror items

It would be highly desireably that one could mirror some items that are asymmetric, specifically horizontally. It should probably be very little effort on the item itself (just mirror mesh and texture) and add an interface option in the housing interface for item placement.

Some statues or pictures or reliefs I'd like to place symmetrically but I cannot because this option is missing.
  • ThelerisTelvanni
    Yeah this is something I need for my builds.Having 2 Statues in front of a doorway but they can not "point" to the door with the way they stand. Mirroring one might help making these doorways look far better!
  • Zurixadai
    Yes! And please include the option to mirror doors. If you want to build "double doors" by placing two of them, well, too bad, they open in different directions now. :(

    Gameplay Wishlist:
    -Winterhold [In all of its still-standing, pre-sunken, "rivaling Solitude" glory!]
    -Frost class/skill line [Wardens count!]
    -Unarmed/monk class or skill line
    -Polearms/spears skill line [Aedric Spear counts, but...]
    -Bound Weapons skill line [Casters should have more than sticks, yeah?]
    -More skill lines in general

    Housing Wishlist:
    -Structure pieces, by the thousands! Walls, doors, stairs; everything from every racial/architectural style
    -More functional furniture: doors that open/close, portals to travel throughout one home, etc
    -"Lairs" or something similar: another separate, instanced space inside of a home
    -NPC's: guards and bards, all day
    -The Golden Vendor, but able to be placed in homes [Might help with some excess Cyrodiil traffic, maybe?]
    -The Luxury Furnisher, but also able to be placed in homes [... Look, homes are huge and I'm tired of them being empty]
    -Boat house [Fair Winds absolutely counts!]
    -Boat furnishings in general
    -Respec/redidication shrines
    -Wayshrines [I can just port to a guildmate, I guess, but...]
    -Undaunted pledge billboards/Undaunted NPC's
    -Crafting writ billboards
    -More mount/pet functionality when placed [Pathing counts!]
    -Guild bank/store access
    -Ability to repair gear at home [If traveling merchants in the middle of nowhere can do it, why can't I?]
    -Other, smaller, fun functionality, like farming or mini-games [Tales of Tribute absolutely counts!]

    QoL Wishlist:
    -Text search boxes [Praise Tall Papa, thank you.]
    -Item conversion/transmogrification [Outfit stations absolutely count!]
    -Previewer/dressing room [Outfit stations absolutely count!]
    -Instead of Arms Packs (or in addition to them), just sell me the blasted VFX
    -Gear loadouts [Armory system counts!]
    -Skill loadouts Armory system counts!
    -Cloaks [I know you said no, but I'm not taking it off my list.]
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