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[PC][NA] Doing It Wrong "But It's Working" Social & PVE [18+ Gaming Community]

Tired of your life being smoother than buttered toast? Fear not, for you're invited to stumble into the realm of Doing It Wrong! We're an 18+ gaming community thriving in chaos since 2012 led by our Guild Master Nierion.16

We're the weird, the quirky, the Kool-Aid enthusiasts. Discord is our hub of required chaos, where our gaming world also spans many and even Movie Nights that may challenge your faith in our collective sanity.

Ready for a plunge into the madness? Here's your map to the abyss in ESO:

  • Guild Hall: Fully furnished guild home, skeletons are the entertainment du jour and crafting tables that are like attempting brain surgery with a spoon!
  • Prepare for weekly events occurring Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays with an enchanting blend of Dungeons (Vet/Normal), Questing, World Bosses, Vet Pledges, Arenas (Vet/Normal) – basically, anything that involves a slight risk of hilarity.
  • And that's not all! We're gearing up to conquer Trials – because why aim for the moon when you can aim for the neighbor's treehouse?
  • Feel like flexing your leadership muscles? As we grow like a patchwork quilt sewn by someone who clearly never read the instructions, there'll be chances for members to step up and take on staff roles. Past experience is optional, but enthusiasm and an ability to find humor in chaos are mandatory.

We're not merely a guild; we're a swirling vortex of weirdness and whimsy. Our ESO chapter, born in 2022, marks us as practically pioneers of organized chaos.

Our community rules are as smooth as a buttered slide! We've trimmed the rule book down – no more deciphering hieroglyphics. It's like directions for assembling furniture: simple and no missing screws. Dive in, no wading through novels required.

Embrace the wrongness, because who needs rightness when you've got us? (Misguidedly operating since 2012)

Join Us Now!

Want more information? Message me in the forums, or you can reach me in game at: @k2mnlonewolf
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