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HA build screws with the Companion tanking

Hi all,
Being a HA build, every time I want my Comp to tank the boss, the Comp then goes running to whatever else I attack with my HAs.

Can the HA command be turned off and just stick with the Y key + click?

Thanks all!
Gruumsh, Gruumsh, Gruumsh, Gruumsh, Miiighty Gruumsh!
  • AcadianPaladin
    I wouldn't mind this either. I like pairing my HA build with a tank companion as it (largely) avoids the boss dodge-rolling out of my HA's. I can usually reach stragglers with wall of elements but if not, the only other attack I have to use that won't redirect my tank is light attacks.
    PC NA(no Steam), PvE, mostly solo
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