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"A Book and its Cover" is utterly broken for me. What else can I try?

I'm trying to do the achievement, but I've never once started the quest, even though I've finished all the quests in Summerset. I've traveled around the island countless times, and fast traveled to the Russafield wayshrine about 100 times. I run into the nobles from time to time, but I never start the quest. I have done "Surreptitiously Shadowed" already in Murkmire. I ran around the spawn points over the course of a couple hours, and finished that as expected. But after several days, I can't pop the first encounter on Summerset. Something seems stuck. Is it *because* I already finished with Choixth in Murkmire? This is taking all the fun out of the game for me. It's one thing to take a long time to do something. It another thing to just be stuck.
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