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Infinite Archive and Filer Ool

As I understand this, Filer Ool should appear in the Index after completing a Cycle in the Infinite Archive. How is it though that you can return to the Index after completing a cycle - for me after completing a cycle the chest appears but there is no way to return to the Index. Is this a bug on my part or do I misunderstand how Filer Ool appears or the way to return to the Index before beginning another cycle. Or does he only appear once a week.
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  • fizl101
    If you mean the filer that sells leads etc he has a stall at the back of the entrance room. You can also talk to a filer merchant at the end of each non boss round to sell stuff or buy extra mystery verses etc

    If you want to go back to the entrance you can take a portal there at the start of a new round and then go in the main door to go back into the archives where you were
    Soupy twist
  • Eporem
    thank you so much! I did not realize there were two merchant stalls and Filer Ool had his own separate one:)
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