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Tip board in thieves guild not working

Soul Shriven
Is there anything I have to do after completing Partners in Crime to get Tip Board dailies? I completed the Partners in Crime quest back in 2021 and I am still not getting any tip board dailies. I look at my achievements and I see the Welcome to the Thieves Guild achievement. Am I missing something? I have with white and red daily quest marker on the tip board, but when I click on it, this is the only thing that comes up:

"Some new faces in the Thieves Guild. Before we send you yo pick the pockets of bigger and richer targets, we need to know you can handle yourself.

"Lucky for you, the Iron Wheel has pulled their patrols out of Abah's landing."

I would love to have the dailies to do...but this just is not working. My other character has the same issue. I just recently reinstalled on a completely new system and the issue is still there, so it's not a corrupted installation or anything like that. Any ideas? Am I missing something? I have done all of the available quests (that I know of anyway) besides heists and the one outside...I'm brain farting the name of that right now LOL.Thanks in advance!!
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  • NeuroticPixels
    Isn’t there a quest that makes you do a heist before you can open up the dailies you’re wanting? I could’ve sworn there was. 🤷‍♀️
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  • Pyr0xyrecuprotite
    I just took my Arcanist through the Hew's Bane/Thieves Guild quest line. After the initial heist with Quen, you have to meet Zeira in the Thieves Den to become a member. Then go towards the city-side exit and you will find the questgiver for zone dailies - you have to do one initial quest for him in a delve before the daily repeatables unlock on the board outside the thieves den. Likewise, on the tip board inside the thieves den, you have to pick up and complete that initial quest to pick some pockets. After completing that, you can do all the remaining quests from that tip board. (These do not count as daily repeatable quests though, they are infinitely repeatable.) That is, you're almost there, just stopped a bit too soon!

    Heists only unlock after doing a few more quests in the main questline, I think after reaching about level 5 in the Thieves Guild skill line.
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  • Lokisbjorn
    Soul Shriven
    Update: if I bring up the map, there are several blue exclamation points over the quest marker indicating that there are dailies. Now just if I could actually access them :-D
  • spartaxoxo
    You have to do to the cutpurses' craft. Also just having the achievement isn't enough. You must have done partners in crime on the character you want to do the tip board. If you pull up your zone guide you can view your progress through the zone story quests.
  • ZOS_Hadeostry

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  • Nestor
    This zone was released back when ZOS wanted Zone Story Pre Requisites to do Dailies.

    Glad they stopped doing that.
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