New Area + Boss?

While I do love the current game as it is, I was a tad disappointed on the areas there was to explore. I thought that I would be able to go ANYWHERE in Nirn....and that would truly be amazing. But...while thinking of this, a small thought came across my mind. We all remember Umbra, from Oblivion right? Now, I thought that an amazing idea for a dungeon would be for a cave, or maybe even an actual dungeon with a quest to find out whats going on. Here, Ill put it like this.

The player would be approached by someone who had escaped Umbras clutches ( Somehow ) And is running in fear from that place. Maybe its a kid, and asks the player to go into the cave to help him because his parents are trapped down there.

For this dungeon maybe around...4-5 players would be needed.

I dont want to go to in depth with my idea, but I just really like the sound of a dungeon with a return of Umbra. Perhaps the sword has corrupted someone else and is seeking new souls......
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