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Question about in-game carries

so we run a guild that sells in game carries, if you dont know what a carry is, basically someone pays you gold in exchange for services in game, they include help you grind XP for your character, acquire skins, farming gear with and others, recently a lot of players are getting banned for receiving gold from people, i believe gina bruna said before that trading ingame items for ingame items are allowed, so my question is, is it authorized to run carries, and to advertise selling carries on zone chat ?

some players got banned for receiving payment from customers, and the support said it was fraudulent gold acquired but gold selling accounts, so how are we supposed to know who has legal or illegal gold ? so if i sell a motif on trader and someone use fraudulent gold for that, you punish the seller ? the support removed the bans on the players but also removed the gold they got for their service provided, which is really unfair, since the service providers dont have any ways to verify where other people get their gold, can any mod talk about this ? thank you

please im just asking for clarification, with all due respect, appreciate all mods and ESO staff, thank you
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