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Would most of my sets from 2 years ago be obsolete now?

I can barely remember what Healer sets I was using back before I took a break from the game, just that they were above average tier at the time. I was thinking of diving back in, but would I have to farm a bunch of new items now? Are any of the old sets still popular? I'd like to check and see what I have in my inventory.

A big reason I'm so hesitant to get back into the game is that I always feel like I'm behind the curve when I do. Would I still need to buy content in order to catch up, or at least have a sub?
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  • OsUfi
    Healing sets haven't changed that much. Though CP and power creep generally means quite literally anything goes until you hit score pushing or trifecta groups.
  • Necrotech_Master
    in terms of "meta" for most trial healing i frequently see:

    roaring opportunist + jorvuld + some group buff monster set (ozezan from scriveners hall is a common one) or

    pillagers + SPC + symphony of blades monster set

    theres a lot of other sets that can still work though

    pretty sure the roaring opportunist + jorvuld has been around for quite a long time at this point

    same with SPC
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  • ArchMikem
    Depends on the type of Healer you are. Do you just keep people alive, or do you provide special utility?

    You can go for just plain Heals and build on your Spell Power, Max Magic, and Critical stats. Any basic set can do that.
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