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Changes to Thieves/Assassin guilds feedback.

Just recently you have removed the requirement on the missions for the thieves and assassin guild quest lines meaning that they can be done all at once.
However this has the side effect of moving the entire skill line progression grind to the end of missions when there's nothing else to do.
And rather than helping your customers by increasing the skill line quest rewards payout so they get to the end of the missions with the same amount of remaining skill line progression, or god forbid adding new exciting content; rather than that
You have nerfed the crimespree quests so they penalize players for playing them multiple times per day.
This has the knock on effect of making a bad grind worse. Making people waste more time doing things they don't want to do.

I spend my crownstore coins on things that make me want to come back tomorrow to play the game. on things that engage my imagination and inspire me to think of what tomorrow's adventure could be.
But no; i know what tomorrow's adventure is; stealing more chests; assassinating random innocent people, each day; every day; for the next month; not for some grand scheme; not because of engaging story... just to finish a skill tree.

If people get to the point where they don't want to play the game because they are bored of doing the same stupid quests every day; they are going to stop playing the game. Only in an upside-down-crazy-universe are people going to crack out their credit cards to not play a game.
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  • Hapexamendios
    This change pleases me. I can complete the story much faster and don't have to complete the skill line unless I want to. A big improvement.
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