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[REQUEST] NECROM Improved atmosphere for crafting writs

Necrom is my favorite place to do my daily crafting writs in all ESO, but there's an issue there. There is Senaso Velothren (Blacksmith) that relentlessly bangs on the anvil with her hammer producing constant noise that makes it unbearable to stand next to the blacksmith station. There is Bralen Llando (Carpenter) who also produces a constant insufferable sound with his hand saw, so you're basically forced to cut your stay next to the woodworker station short.

[REQUEST] Could you please make Senaso Velothren (Blacksmith) and Bralen Llando (Carpenter) in Necrom stop using their tools (hammer and hand saw) so that they don't produce the constant unbearable sound next to the writ crafting location?
  • Syldras
    No, it's realistic and adds to the atmosphere. A smithy has specific sounds, that's just how it is. If you can't stand it, there are many other crafting hubs where it's less noisy.
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  • SpacemanSpiff1
    no blacksmithing while i blacksmith.
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