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Different chances of style pages drop

Out of 9 purchased pages of the Knights of the Circle style, not a single shield dropped (4 mauls, 2 bows, 2 staves, 1 swords).
Okay, I'm just so unlucky, but I asked friends who also bought these pages. Surprisingly, none of them were able to get this page either.
I opened to the TTC website (unfortunately, we depend on the goodwill of the addon owner and the server, but this is a separate topic). Not a single offer (but 20+ mauls offers).
After that, I'm sure one of the developers changed the drop rates so that no one can get this page.

The same applies to the Chef Arquitius's Lost Thesis (it's being sold for 1 billion!), and to the Khajiit brazier recipe. The motif of Assassin League maces costs 10-15 times more than daggers, and not because it is more beautiful. And the belt motif costs 25-35 times less than the boots motif.
It seems to me that it is time to review these rates and correct the obvious strange parameters for many items.
  • CGPsaint
    You're comparing apples and oranges for some of your examples.

    1.) The Knights of the Circle pages are two separate pools; one for armor and one for weapons. While that should narrow down the odds of getting the page that you need, it is not a curated drop, and if the pages that I've seen listed on Xbox/NA are any indication, then it would appear that Sabatons/Pauldrons are the heavily weighted drops. The pages that I see the least of whilst trolling traders are chests, staves, shields, and swords.

    2.) The Chef Arquitius's Lost Thesis is a very rare drop that can only be acquired from BG end of match rewards. It's not more or less rare than another drop, as it's the only drop, and it's one of the most rare in the game. I've never gotten it from a BG coffer, but I have purchased one out of zone chat and one from a guild trader. They do exist.

    3.) The Praxis: Khajitt Brazier, Enchanted is both an incredibly rare drop and difficult to farm due to only dropping in rewards from a daily quest, of which you can only do one quest per day, per character. This was a bear to grind back when you could do all of the quests each day on as many characters as you were crazy enough to do. I've only seen 3-4 of these on traders in the entire time that I've been playing. I personally grabbed on from a trader for roughly 4mil.

    4.) Assassin's League motif chapters can be farmed in The Gold Coast, with some of the pages being tied to farming certain bosses. Belts, Boots, Gloves, and Daggers are the easy ones that drop from dailies and sell for roughly 1-2K. The other pages can range from 20K for legs up to 55K+ for chest (obviously lower during the guild event that just passes since more pages are hitting the traders).
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