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Low pop bonus in cyrodiil needs to work properly / changes needed

There should be more rewards to players who decide to willingly go against higher enemy numbers in cyrodiil. I cant count how many times I am sitting with 1 bar against 2 or 3 bar enemy teams.

Its just frustrating to play since there is 0 ap to gain and you need to work so hard to get castles etc. Because of this many people often decide to only go into the queue if they see their alliance with a number advantage, which makes the population gaps even bigger.

So please think about giving fewer pops more bonuses or motivation to go into the queue.
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  • Melivar
    There is generally a low pop bonus in Cyro. It doesn't always adjust as quickly as it should but it does boost your AP gains once activated. AP farmers are normally watching this particulallry during PVP events to maximize AP and Rank gain.
  • ZOS_Hadeostry

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