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Loremaster's Archive- Scions Of Ithelia Dungeon DLC

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Welcome back to another Loremaster's Archive. We've asked the incomparable Madam Whim to share some of her secrets related to the Daedric Prince Malacath and the demi-realm known of Maelstrom during the Second Era (under terms still to be negotiated). Ahead of the Scions of Ithelia dungeon DLC, this is your chance to learn more about the God of Curses, Fa-Nuit-Hen's corner of Oblivion, or other esoterica about the dungeons of Tamriel as the Madam's time may allow.

We'll have this thread open until Friday, February 2, at 5pm ET. As always, please keep your questions on topic, short, and as direct as possible. We don't want to waste Madam Whim's time (and suffer any undue costs).
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  • Aliyavana
    This isn't really a question about the Maelstrom, but more about its creator Fa-Nuit-Hen himself:

    I've had the pleasure of seeing Fa-Nuit-Hen once when I snuck in to watch the fights in the Maelstrom Arena. He is an interesting fellow, but what caught my eye was his attire. He is wearing armor in the style associated with the Aureal, but it seems to be colored in the dark shades you Mazken tend to wear. Can you tell us the story on how he came to acquire the outfit? It's quite fashionable, and what he wears and how he presents himself seems to have some purpose.

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  • MafiaCat115
    Dear Madam Whim,

    As much as I enjoy casual visits to your establishment, I write to you regarding business this time. In The Thirty-Six Lessons of Vivec, it is said that Fa-Nuit-Hen and his Barons had appeared to a Velothi tribeswoman who carried an unborn Vivec to impart lessons onto him. I am curious how much of this story is true, and how much is fantastical embellishments by the Warrior Poet of the Tribunal.

    Asrea Starlight, Altmer Scholar of Alinor
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  • KingArthasMenethil
    In Shipwright's Regret and Dreadsail Reef there's a leader who calls themselves a Fleet Queen of the Dreadsail pirates (Fleet Queen Taleria) that the Dufort flotilla came into conflict with near High Isle. How does this Fleet Queen lead the Dreadsails when in Galen we find out that Sealord Nalos is the one who actually leads the Dreadsails and who broke them off from Pyandonean control?

    Legate Gaius Sulla of the Thirteenth Legion

    Sources (don't need to include in the Q&A is more for quick access to dialogue)

    "The death or capture of Taleria, the Fleet Queen of the Dreadsail pirates. She is the lynchpin holding these bloodthirsty Sea Elves together and the greatest obstacle standing between our navy and the elimination of these pirates."

    "He's a traitor and a murderer. The Gilded Blades used to lead the Dreadsails Fleet. We were loyal to King Orgnum and the Pyandonean Armada. But Nalos was not satisfied with that. He challenged my brother Siraesar for leadership."

    Edited by KingArthasMenethil on January 29, 2024 9:50PM
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  • TheNuminous1
    What tales do the Orsimer tell of the early years after their corruption. How did it feel to go from a noble race of mer, children of trinimac, to be twisted and shaped by the daedric hands and intestines of Boethra?
  • maxandkon
    Soul Shriven
    Greetings, Dearly Honored Madam Whim,

    I have heard mixed rumors about the origin of Malacath, and his change from Trinimac due to the interference of Boethiah. Some of them seem too frivolous.

    From your point of view, what really happened and how? Perhaps you have your own perspective on the situation, or know something previously unheard that you could tell us to dispel or confirm some of the rumors?

    Thank you for your attention! And for a possible answer!
    — Maxandkon
  • The_Curator
    Soul Shriven
    Dear Madam Whim,

    As a collector of rare artifacts, it has come to my knowledge that the Bosmer Eveli Sharp-Arrow managed to get her hands on an exceedingly rare book that was hidden away in Black Drake Villa. You wouldn't happen to know what happened to it and where it is now, would you? Such a shame for it to be lost!

    Magister Gwenaelle Mathis.
  • omnimuffin
    To Mistress Whim: In trade, I offer a transcribed page said to have been copied from one of the Indigio Tomes of Necrom and an anklet bearing the supposed mark of a forgotten Remanite lunar colony.

    A colleague of mine- a respected scholar of theology - offered me a fascinating theory, and I simply MUST learn if there's any truth to it. My colleague proposes that Malacath, in his guise as Orkey, is the mother of Alduin, the nordic World-Eater, noting that the ancient Khajiiti Scaled Prince was mothered by a demon of fire and shadow- and what is shadowed fire but ash? I would dismiss it as nonsense, but the confluence of Time and Death as the End of Time is compelling, no?

    Yenna Marilin, Scholar of the University of Gwylim
  • Legoless
    Madam, I trust you have received my payment.

    Much of Prince Malacath's realm is spoken of in metaphor, from the Spine of Ashpit to the towering steel walls of the Ashen Forge. Are these tangible places, or is the mortal understanding of this plane not to be taken literally?

    I have heard tell of a Daedric vault located somewhere within the whirling realm of Maelstrom, containing the relics of Fa-Nuit-Hen. Is this the resting place of the Flame Monarch's Crown, the Demiprince's most well-known possession?

    Have any whispers reached your ears in Fargrave regarding the current whereabouts of Saresea, the multichronal Psijic?

    —Legoless, Tiger-Doyen of the United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits
  • Prophet_of_Malacath

    By the jawbone of He-Who-Speaks-Sideways, a daughter of the House of Troubles pays her tribute and asks your attention, Madam Whim. Lady Cinnabar equates Orkey to Tu'whacca, as others may Orkha to Malak - but while Nords have both Orkey and Mauloch in their ancient pantheon, they were separate gods, and it is Orkey they credit as our forefather. Similarly, "wraith" derives from Nordic vǫrðr , cognate to "ward" and "warden"; compare Orkey summoning slain-Alduin and Orkha pursuing escaped Boethiah, both from "the Many Paths". And then consider clan Murtag living in the earth, Morkul legends allude to chthonic origins, even as the Iron Orcs of Craglorn engage in stone-worship above all.

    Thus I ask - what relation does Malak have to Orkey, Tu'whacca or Onsi? To the Silver Spider, Varmiina or Z'en? Is he warden of the Many Paths of the Dead, gaoler of the gods? Is Veloth's Red Heart, the First Blood Price, Malak's tribute to some chthonic slain-kin? Did Mauloch raise-up the children of a fallen-Orkey? What is vengeance but a demand for justice? Do you have any insights on these stories?

    Indebtedly Yours,
    - Lash gra-Bar, Contramagis & Ornimythohistorian

    P.S. Is Divayth Fyr single? Malak tests Dunmer for weakness - so you can't blame Orsimer for wanting to smash. ;)


    A daughter of the House of Troubles pays her tribute and asks your attention, Madam Whim. Lady Cinnabar equates Orkey to Tu'whacca; Amun-dro speaks of Orkha chasing rebellious Boethiah, escaped from the Many Paths; Nords speak of Mauloch and Orkey separately, the latter our progenitor and keeper of the dead. Time and again, myths of Orcs living underground, stone-worship; time and again, the gaoler of the dead, burial cairns. And thus I ask what relation does Malak have to Orkey, Tu'whacca, Varmiina or Z'en? Is Veloths' Red Heart, the First Blood Price, Mauloch's tribute to some chthonic slain-kin? Did Malacath adopt the children of fallen-Orkey? Do you have any insights to add?

    Indebtedly Yours,
    - Lash gra-Bar, Ornimythohistorian
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  • Atharaon
    Madam Whim,

    Is there any reason to believe Malacath was once an elven hero-god named Trinimac? How can he be both Daedra and Aedra at the same time? And where does Orkey fit into this? The local priest will have a fit if he finds out Arkay is related to a Daedric Prince.

    Respectfully yours,
    Vantus Malius, Chair of the Cheydinhal Skeptic's Society
    Soul Shriven
    Dear Madam Whim,

    I have it on good authority that one of your employees, a scamp named Mikget, did not naturally expire in the deadlands as previously though but was instead murdered. I wont bother you with all the details here but the reason behind the act was that this particular scamp had (apparently) the capacity to eventually amass so much knowledge as to rival that of Hermaeus Mora.
    I find that reasoning particularly interesting so my question to you is the following.
    Can a lesser Deadra or any Deadra eventually rival or even become a Daedric Prince, thus inheriting or creating their own realm of oblivion?

    Kardimor Endekius, Researcher of the Iridian aspects of Magnus
  • Sorgrim
    Madam Whim,

    I care little for your mannish customs, yet I recall the courtesies imparted to me by well-wishing devotees of Trinimac. I trust that Madam suffices to garnish this strangest of correspondences, for we shall not do so again.

    I cast aside the matter of treason among kin, the contrivances of the so-called civilized, and I address a little-known piece of Malacath, the Blue God, Muluk - The Trembling Idiot Babe of the Crib.

    You know of whom I speak. We all do - The aspect midwifed from his Anuic form. The child beset by rage, for he had been freshly kissed and atomized in the Bloody Bowels of the Liar.

    You cling to civilization because you fear him. My question is simple: Why do you not honor him?

    We goblin-ken of the foothills, goblins, ogres, and scant few orsimer; we know the truest form of Our Furious One. The Blue God soaked in his own tears, sweat, and excrement. We speak Sideways like a babbling child swaddled in the cloth. In such a way, we testify to the raw emotions he had once felt upon his traumatic transformations; feelings best clenched in a tuskling's fist, and never forgotten.

    I invite you to dwell among the goblins of Jur-Zugkra. There, you might behold those whose forms are as raw and pristine as the lilies of Ashpit. They are ever devout, for they dutifully to tend to their fetishes atop the Crown of Mournoth.

    We have guarded these precious children for centuries. Though you may not return from your journey, you may at least know something of the scarce id of our neglected icon. We would make your final hours comfortable, as you learn of what it is to feel afraid, cornered, and helpless - As He and this Little Aspect once was, and will be, forevermore.

    With Scorn,
    Scaegar gro-Malaud, Horse-Priest of the Motley Horde

    Edited by Sorgrim on January 29, 2024 10:04PM
  • Benefactor
    Dear Madam Whim,

    Malacath is a Prince that has a unique and storied history such as previously being known as Trinimac, an et'Ada revered by the Aldmer, but the old Nordic religion seems to imply he is the deity Orkey a deity who's sphere includes death and is associated with Orcs. Was Sedulus' "Theory of Arkayn Convergence" incorrect and Arkay is a mix of Trinimac and Orkey? If not what is the relationship between Malacath/Orkey and Arkay with their shared connection to death.

    Additionally I have a side request. I have a certain egotistical Telvanni Wizard who is after me. Are there any secrets you may share to help me evade his scrying? As a librarian I have many secrets to trade.

    With great reverence,
    Benefactor, Imperial Librarian

    Note: Side request is relating to Divayth Fyr's note from previous loremaster archive where question was answered.
  • Vinovin15
    "To Madam Whim of the Celestial Palanquin,

    In a place called the Vaults of Madness - and from many other places - I have heard of 'Soul Shriven', mortals whose souls have been replaced with a Daedric Animus. How do these beings interact with Fargrave? Are they bound by the Scripture due to being Daedric? Does the Grasp treat them as Mortals, or as Daedra? Asking for a friend.

    Awaiting your clarification,
    -Benny Two-Thumbs, totally a mortal"
    Edited by Vinovin15 on January 30, 2024 1:41PM
  • Tyrvarion
    "To Whim of Palanquin,

    The recent attack on the Oathsworn Pit could not go unnoticed by the Reachfolk. We are used to many foes, but Bosmer are new. Whether Orc or Reachfolk, it does not matter, as it threatens the Karth itself. But it made me think, shed more light on how the Pit's relations are with Reachfolk and Nord neighbors. Bloody, I suppose, with the Spirit of Ash and Bone whims and all that, but do indulge me, Whim.

    Chieftain Cormac of Clan Silverwing"
    Edited by Tyrvarion on January 30, 2024 10:37PM
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    My dear Madam Whim,

    An associate of mine once posited that Fa-Nuit-Hen’s name was a Dragon Shout, but that was before meeting the entity in question. Does his name have any special meaning?

    And do come and visit me in the Isles some time, I’ve been perfecting a lovely alocasia blend.

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  • Thevampirenight
    From the Far Seer, who prefers not to give her name.
    Dear Madam Whim, word has spread of a forgotten Daedric Prince being uncovered, who seems to be a related to Jygalagg at least through the shared injustice committed to them by their fellow Daedric Princes. But I want to know more about Jyggalag. I've devoted my life gathering knowledge and lore about this Daedric Prince. I will admit I worship the Prince of Order.

    The knowledge I've come across, suggests he was once a great and powerful threat to all Oblivion being the Prince of Order, whos Library rivaled even Hermaous Mora's. How did the Daedric princes defeat Jyggalag if he was so all knowing and could predict their every move. My sources in Oblivion tell me that Jyggalag was cursed to become Sheogorath the Daedric Prince of Madness and that all the Daedric Princes united together against this Prince, my Prince, If you ask me Oblivion needs more Order, Who was it they who spearheaded this effort and put the curse on Jyggalag? Another question is Jyggalag threat to Oblivion related to the signing of the Pact Primordial?
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  • sharffffff
    "To esteemed Madame Whim,

    I write with a question of pure academic interest, and nothing more, I assure you. As we all (at least of dunmeric descent, and of course other daedra as well) know that Fa-Nuit-Hen is a Demiprince, but herein lies the question: what makes a Demiprince a Demiprince?
    From what I’ve gathered, an offspring of a Daedric Prince is not automatically a Demiprince, with me holding a knowledge of only one other being who holds such a title, and even she was only ever mentioned by a madman - most powerful madman of them all, but a madman nonetheless, while a daughter of Hircine was referred to as a demigoddess, but not a demiprince.
    I have heard a rumor that to be a demiprince, one must possess a sphere that they rule over, but I am unsure on how true this is, and if it is true - why and how do some of the offspring of the Princes have these spheres, while a vast majority does not? Would it be possible for one sired by a Prince to become a demiprince through some kind of assimilation of power, or does obtaining the sphere require an intent from the Prince that sired them? Or is this rumor just that, a rumor, and there is something else separating Demiprinces from other offspring of the Princes that do not hold such a title?

    And, staying on the similar topic, how common would it be for a Prince to sire an offspring with a mortal, be it through a bargain, a contract or whatever else? There are numerous examples of it throughout mythology, with some figures being theorised as being sired by a Prince, while others are stated to be so outright - like Emmeg Gro-Kayra, and whether or not the story described in that myth actually happened, he wasn't described having any powers separating him from other mortals, which only makes the question of what exactly makes a demiprince a demiprince even more interesting to me.

    From purely academic interest and no uncertainties regarding own bloodline,
    Taren Velas, an adventurer and nothing more."
    Edited by sharffffff on February 2, 2024 3:13PM
  • Melegil
    Soul Shriven
    "To Madam Whim,

    As I am certain you are aware, the Battlespire of the Imperial Battlemages still operates in some capacity and sends its agents out to deal with threats of the daedric kind (like the Dagonist fiasco in the Dread Cellar that may or may not have reached your ears). My question is such-how accessible is the Battlespire to those not affiliated with the Imperial Battlemages and if so, what would the process be of petitioning them to allow one to study the citadel itself and the realm it is located in? Moreover, what is its present state, if you happen to know such rumours? I shall await your reply.

    -Anglorig Ashdawn, Knight Mentor of Julianos"
  • ZOS_Kevin
    Community Manager
    Hi All! Just a reminder that we have one more day left for questions. So make sure to add them here before 5pm ET on February. 2.
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  • prof-dracko
    Dear Whim,

    It's known that Fa-Nuit-Hen is a DemiPrince, rumored to be a scion of Boethiah. He has been very open about his nature but so far no others have made themselves known. Is Fa-Nuit-Hen simply particularly sociable, opening his plane to mortals as he did, while others are recluses of Oblivion and Nirn? Or are other DemiPrinces simply extraordinarily few in number? Both? I suppose beings as vast as the Princes spend little time attempting to court (or take) mortal lovers. I simply wonder where such unique individuals spend their time, and doing what?

    -Sincerely, A Wanderer of Nirn and Beyond
  • OgrimTitan
    Thank you for the archive. Still angry you didn't take my question on Julianos/Hermaeus Mora, but here we go again. Have 2 questions on 2 topics at hand. I won't mind AT ALL if both questions will be taken, but I'm looking realistic at this.

    other esoterica about the dungeons

    Madam Whim.

    A question fitting your particular forte - interplanar gossip. The exploration of the Villa of the diabolical Durcorach that started this Ambitions sordid affair revealed a binded daedra of great power, among other curiositites. A daedra who showed honor, courtesy, valour, martial prowess and magical might worthy of a High Rock spell-knight. Researching scrolls and foliants after his banishment and release in desire to learn the story of such a worthy opponent proved to be in vain. Only his name came up: Sentinel Aksalaz. What plane he's from? Is he a part of any clan? Who binded him and why? Where do his allegencies lie in Oblivion politics?

    Lord Nicolas le Bellerose, Knight Mentor of Daggerfall City School of Julianos, lector of mageosophy and arcanorationality

    the God of Curses

    Madam Whim.

    My question is embarrassingly plain and may sound absurd, but is not without it's curious logic. Which came first: an ogre or an ogrim? On the one hand, daedra are infinite and eternal, and a whole ogres history on Nirn is but a blink in a single ogrim's eye. On the other hand, daedra quite often are open imitations of our dear Arena's inhabitants, and both ogres and ogrims, as any freshman student know, are tied to Prince Malacath: so some cross-influence from the creator (or patron) seems inevitable. But, knowing Oblivion, nothing is certain. What makes the matter more complicated, ogres origin of species itself is surprisingly obscure. So could you shed a light on lord Malacath's grand design?

    Lord Nicolas le Bellerose, Knight Mentor of Daggerfall City School of Julianos, lector of mageosophy and arcanorationality
  • spartaxoxo
    Dear Madam Whim,

    I hope you enjoyed the many cheese wheels sent to your fine establishment. You trade on the currencies of secrets, which are sometimes made manifest into physical things. Do you know if Fa-Nuit-Hen has ever harnessed his power over motion to manifest himself a secret instrument (perhaps for dancing...wait does he also have power over dancing?) or perhaps a secret weapon that can help the wielder move like the barons who move like this? And if such a secret weapon were to be manifested, could it be used on say a Dunmer with too sharp a wit for his own good? Asking for a friend.
    Edited by spartaxoxo on February 1, 2024 8:26PM
  • EmperorRemanIV
    To Madam Whim,

    It is known that Fa-Nuit-Hen claims that he's an offspring of the Daedric Prince Boethiah. But I do have my doubts on it. If it's true indeed, would your web of secrets know with whom Boehtiah had relations to create the Demi-Prince of Maelstrom? And how old he might actually be? He doesn't appear to be someone that existed "since before time began".

    Best regards,
    Count Reman IV of Cyrodiil
    Edited by EmperorRemanIV on February 1, 2024 9:41PM
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  • ErfXploded
    Soul Shriven
    One of your employees, Oruuzyn, is known for the service she provides called the "Constrictions of Moath”. This caught my attention because Moath is the name of Xivilai Moath, a Daedra Lord said to be the adoptive son of Mehrunes Dagon himself. Considering his rank and his importance to a Daedric Prince, can you tell me if he has his own realm like the Demiprince Fa-Nuit-Hen’s realm of Maelstrom? Furthermore, if a Prince adopts a Daedra that wasn't a Demiprince, would that elevate them to a Demiprince, or would they require a direct blood relation to be considered one?

    - Archmage Zhenet, via a Mouth Projection
    Edited by ErfXploded on February 1, 2024 10:08PM
  • chuck-18_ESO
    Dearest Madam Whim,

    Felicitations from Apocrypha! Recent disturbing rumors have led me down a new line of scholastic inquiry, and when it comes to the machinations of Oblivion, I know of no other who can be relied upon for answers besides your esteemed self.

    Fa-Nuit-Hen and his Realm of Maelstrom are mysterious even to one as educated as I. My first inquiry is to the nature of the Demi-Prince's relations with the other denizens of Oblivion. Are daedra of any Plane welcome to test themselves in his Arena, and if so, is this a common event, or an exceptional rarity? Do the Princes or other powerful daedra ever "spectate" on matches, or perhaps wager on prospective combatants?

    My second inquiry is to the relation between Maelstrom's Barons and the Principalities of Oblivion. It is said that some of these Barons were students of Princes beyond Maelstrom, such as Malacath and Sheogorath, before building their famed Arenas. Do these, or other such Princes, have interactions with Maelstrom through the Barons? And if so, do they have ties to Fa-Nuit-Hen as well?

    I appreciate any enlightenment you can offer me on such matters. On another note, how is dear Hezehk? He was so grateful for help in the Obscured Forum, eager as he was to get back to you. I hope he's doing well.

    Signed with deepest appreciation,

    -Carolus Aelius, Cipher of the Eye

    P.S.: Never fear, your secret is safe with me.
    Edited by chuck-18_ESO on February 2, 2024 6:17AM
    The Exclusionary Mandates of Maruhkite Selection: All Are Equal

    1: That the Supreme Spirit Akatosh is of unitary essence, as proven by the monolinearity of Time.
    1: That Shezarr the missing sibling is Singularly Misplaced and therefore Doubly Venerated.
    1: That the protean substrate that informs all denial of (1) is the Aldmeri Taint.
    1: That the Prophet Most Simian demonstrated that monothought begets Proper-Life.
    1: That the purpose of Proper-Life is the Expungement of the Taint.
    1: That the Arc of Time provides the mortal theater for the Sacred Expungement.
    1: That Akatosh is Time is Proper-Life is Taint-Death.
  • LunaFlora
    Bright Moons Madam Whim,

    Is Maelstrom in any way connected to Fargrave by portal?
    When i was there last i found no portals to anywhere besides Deadlands and Nirn.

    Lunetta Gleamblossom

    miaow! i'm Luna ( she/her ).

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  • thejadefalcon
    Posting on behalf of NotADaedraWorshipper who is having technical issues posting:
    (This is a other esoterica about the dungeons of question.)

    To the most delightful Madam Whim.
    I hope you can answer a question I've asked experts on this topic previously. But they were mortal, so maybe that's why and what I need is a daedra of your expertise. I'm a researcher of vampirism with good success, but I can't find answers related to the Hollowfang clan of the Moongrave Fane. A clan who seemingly possess some unique blood related magic and worship Sanguine, or as they and the khajiit as a whole know him: Sangiin the Blood Cat.
    I would appreciate any information, especially about if they are strictly granted vampirism from said prince, because there seems to be no connection to the father of vampires, Molag Bal. Which would be a new phenomenon
    Domina Vinicius, of the Mages Guild of Skingrad.
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