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Is Dov-rha Sabaton Heel lead dropping after 1st time?

Anybody got Dov-rha Sabaton Heel lead other than first time recently (or ever)?
I'm trying to get a second (and after that third) copy and I've run Sunspire 54 times with no luck.
I'd like to know if I'm just extremely unlucky or it's bugged.
I'm missing only 12 codex entries and this lead blocks half of them :'(
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  • yachoor
    Well it does drop - got it form last dragon on 58th run (so 173 dragons did not drop it) - that drop chance is horrible given it takes at least 30m to run it and finding a group often takes even longer :cry:

    Good luck to anybody else trying to get it - at least now you'll know it does drop.
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