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Scalecaller Peak Challenger

Hey folks, been away from the game for a while and starting to trickle back in.

I haven't played since Graymoor and I'm starting to make a checklist of things I want to chase, one of those is the Blackmarrow Necromancer Skin. I was wondering, in this current update how accessible this achievement is for someone like me who plays semi casually. Are people these days blasting through Vet dungeons like Scalecaller or is the challenge or completing the dungeon in under 30 minutes with no deaths no joke.

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  • fizl101
    Standard vet I think is fairly easy these days and will get the speed run most of the time

    Hard mode can be more challenging for a pug in my experience. No death I did with a guild group, for people with scalecaller experience its generally not a problem if not doing hard mode
    Soupy twist
  • Necrotech_Master
    yeah if you want to get the challenger, just dont do HM and no death in the same run

    HM on scalecaller still requires a little bit of coordination, mainly with who is using what avoidance method for the poison sprays

    speed run shouldnt be a problem either nowadays
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  • El_Borracho
    The trolls are still the pug killer. Try to find an experienced group
  • Soarora
    SR - just make sure all the trash is pulled, there’s one pack that tends to get skipped.

    ND - dying to environment doesn’t count. It’s pretty common nowadays to have so much damage that mechanics barely show up on last boss so this should be fine as long as the tank knows what they’re doing.

    HM - as stated, requires coordination though easy enough to get carried through.
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