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Can you please change your RNG?

I've just spent 120k tel var to buy 6 monster shoulder coffer.
I already had 1 of 3 pieces. I got 0 new.

I know how probability works.
Adding a lot of other examples I have a statistical pool big enough to say that the game is cheating, that probaility are not equal.
You changed probability of some items so people must grind more and more and more to get them.

When I play I want to have fun and feel rewarded for my commitment and not get annoyed because you want to keep people in game with such petty subterfuge.

I'm very tired of this and on the verge of unistalling the game.
  • Vaqual
    Yeah I also don't get why shoulders are locked behind a gamble. I get that it is rarely an issue since you can either get lucky or make another armor weight work, but there is really nothing positive about it.
  • spartaxoxo
    6 isn't a big enough statistical pool to say, and I don't know about your other pulls because you don't have them detailed. I will say that it's pretty normal to have the occasional strings of bad luck even when the RNG is properly weighted.

    I wish they'd curate the shoulders but I guess they haven't so people still have a reason to do pledges
  • Sleep
    just bad luck
  • Araneae6537
    I agree it’s ridiculous they aren’t curated. Once I have several from a box collected, I wait for the Golden to complete my set and adjust my build to use whatever weight I do have from the monster set. I’ll happily do a vet dungeon to get a helm, but 5 keys for a stupid RNG box is totally unrewarding. I run dungeons for fun, skill points, leveling skills, transmutes, motifs — keys are the least rewarding reward from them.
  • WhosTheFancyOneNow

    same gloves different trait same public dungeon run. just a few bosses apart
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