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PICKPOCKETING & THIEVING ..... or rare items in general ;)

Hello fellow sticky fingered players! Im looking to put together a personal list of all the hardest items to steal/pickpocket in ESO and where to find them! Im asking for everyones help to make my list and i appreciate everyone who takes the time to help me in this task <3 Any info on any items that are pickpocket, or random loot drops in general would be alot of help,. its what i really like doing on my spare time in game <3

Things i already know some or enough info on ......
- wood elf, breton and orc throne info
- Red spool of thread info
- Triptyc paintings
- velothi painting
- coffin and coffin lid designs

  • kargen27
    I know long ago the Khajiit Skooma Bubbler recipe was highly sought. Drunks had them.
    and then the parrot said, "must be the water mines green too."
  • ApoAlaia
    Some of the ones listed here legerdemain is the only source:

  • Syldras
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