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Please add more environmental items

like sandheaps or boneheaps. They are surely already in game and we need em as furnishing items


  • Araneae6537
    I would be glad to see more environmental items too, including relatively large flat areas of dirt of various color and vegetation of different types, density, and growth.

    As for piles of bones, there is the Rubble Pile, Skeletal Remains for 4k from the luxury vendor (and varying price from guild traders the rest of the year) although it is more rocks than bones so additional variations would be welcome. There is also the Skulls, Heap Crown furnishing. On a related note, I would love for more skulls to be available, and not just part of large bundles, and skeletons in various poses — I’ve seen more in the world than the few we have as furnishings.
  • MoonPile
    Yeah, agree. With Araneae, too. BIG groundcovers please - landscaping uses an enormous amount of slots.

    Vegetation-wise, everyone uses the overgrown hedges since that's the best thing we have: big, fairly natural-looking if positioned just so. Bushes, Ivy Cluster is good, but crown-only and has gaps. Things like Plants, Dense Underbrush (also crown, rarely found unbound) and Plants, Low Weeds would be fantastic with their shape and natural look, but they're waaaaay too small.
  • LunaFlora
    yes please!!
    i want to be able to use less slots on landscaping
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  • valenwood_vegan
    I do really wish they'd give us more than a slow trickle of DLC-specific furnishings. There are so many assets that already exist in the game and would be very low-hanging fruit to give us as new furnishing items.
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