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These visual effects are so cool! It'd be a great furnishing...

I'd love to see more vfx like this as housing items, similar to the Celestial Nimbus, snow, and others that are (sadly) mostly in crates.

This is from the Skyreach Pinnacle in Craglorn.

On that note, I'd love a "vfx player" -
Some gizmo that can store and play visual effects like mementos. Similar to the Constellation Projection Apparatus, just customizable. For example I could "attune" it to project Soul Crystals of the Returned or Swarm of Crows on repeat. It would be a nice use for mementos which otherwise get forgotten.

Other wishes (popular on forums and in-game; can't hurt to repeat):
  • more slots. (+ option to add slots to existing homes, like making sleek creek 600 slots. +/or at least option to swap collectible slots for traditional)
  • weather control. Not just an aesthetic issue; it's so hard to see when building where it thunderstorms constantly; eye strain is a serious problem.
  • also eye strain: disable NPC path visibility when not actively being edited.
  • alt copies of existing homes, e.g. multiple instances of Moon Sugar Meadow for different builds
  • custom-placed portals to travel within the home + ability to port to them from outside (bypass HotLC's load screens).
  • more storage, furniture storage and/or decon
  • harvesting, fishing, even if it's very limited
  • armor & weapon racks + manequins
  • + a whole bunch of specific furnishing item wishes of assets that have been in the game for ages
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