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vSShm - Lokke Struggles (Not Normal)

Soul Shriven
Recently my group and I were in a prog for EoF. We started noticing really bad experiences on Lokke hm, specifically lag and the cages. I was the healer on cages, skills would not proc. Not only that, the cages themselves were different for everyone whether it was timing or location. Healing out put was also different, some would go through cages no problem and others would be a struggle. I've healed this place many times but the past two months it has been bad on this boss specifically. One big issue was cages were showing up delayed for people and I myself as the cage healer got sent into a cage when I didn't even step into it. Clipped my combat and slowed it down frame by frame.

A few guild mates and I have talked about this and we are wondering if others are seeing an issue. We are PS NA, not only did our group experience this but another GS prog has been noting this as well. I just wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem.
  • El_Borracho
    Are you getting the constant Lokkesiitz "roar" sound when this is happening? That was (is?) the best indicator that the boss fight is going to be wonky, at best. Have yet to figure out how to stop it other than wiping.
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