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Ayleid arches / Nexus Gates / New Ayleid Home

Soul Shriven
Seriously guys, when are we going to get some Ayleid arches or Nexus gates as furnishings? It would be really nice to have those available, take for example the only Ayleid home (Varlaisvea Ayleid Ruins) wich is a dusty and broken old pile of rubble.. There hardly is anything intact about it except the interior.

The Battleground map Eld Angavar looks way more intact and is even well furnished and this is a freaking battleground, a place where numerous warriors fight and duel !!!!

I think ESO is in need of a new Ayleid home wich can actually be considered a home for a realm saving hero and not some broken ruin, or at least some Ayleid arches or Nexus gates so we can make the existing Ayleid home look nice. I've seen people trying to make the Varlaisvea Ayleid Ruins look good by placing alinor arches everywhere but it doesn't suit the place.

  • MotherOfMoss
    Yes, please :D

    Whether it's a full-fledged new Ayleid home I am actually a bit ambivalent about. But please, those arches/nexus gates – that very special shape we do not see anywhere else. I really want to work with it, and see more of it! There are also a number of other Ayleid shapes we have never had access to, and I hope that will change.

    I am feeling hopeful these things might actually happen, since they mentioned the prominent presence of Ayleid ruins, and more intact ones specifically, in one part of the Gold Road map. So this is probably a great time to make our Ayleid wishes known here, heh :grin:
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  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    I’m hoping we can get some more Ayleid furnishings with the next Chapter, since there are some decent Ayleid ruins in the area. Not holding my breath though.
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  • AyleidOlli4
    Soul Shriven
    Indeed, there might be a chance that in the next chapter there will be some new Ayleid furnishings, or at least i hope :D
    I believe Miscarcand ( the biggest Ayleid city in Cyrodiil is located near Skingrad and i also saw some Ayleid stuff in the new update trailer.

    Can't wait to explore the new region and all it's content !!!!
  • LukosCreyden
    I could see there being another Ayleid home using the fancy new stuff in the next chapter. I hope so, Ayleid stuff is really cool.
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  • DarthCuddlefluff
    I have been calling for this for 60 years at least. Also It would be cool to have the murkmire ayleid stuff as a house. Where it's a liminal ayleid pocket dimension.
  • DarthCuddlefluff
  • tsaescishoeshiner
    The stream said Gold Road's Ayleid ruins would be more "intact", which presumably means they worked on the assets or maybe some new tilesets—there were some new structures in the stream.

    I got excited when they said "Ayleid" and "structure" and "architecture" in the same sentence.
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  • katanagirl1
    The Ayleid house we have now looks fairly intact to me.

    I’d prefer one with a more typical floor plan than one with a giant water feature taking up most of the interior space, though. One that is much smaller too.
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