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Question about Antiquity leads.

I dont know whether this design is on purpose, or not and i can't quite put my words to explain it, so i will provide an example.

Lets take a mythic item: "Torc of Tonal Constancy"

it requires 5 separate antiquities to put together. Parts of sorts right ?
i found one piece in Stonefalls, and excavated it.
I noticed that it immediately unlocked the entries for "Torc of Tonal Constancy" in, Craglorn, Bangkorai, Alik'r Desert and Deshaan somewhat indicating that the rest 4 parts are in those zonies.

My problem is, that i have now 4 parts out of 5 unlocked and i have no idea in which zones out of those 5 i have already found them and which zone is the one that i havent found the last part yet,

Is there no way to tell which of those 5 zones is the one i still did not find the piece yet ?

Game shouldn't tell you in which zones the remaining parts are located when you find one piece, but it does so, indirectly by unlocking the entry for whole antiquity in those zones:
Game should tell you in which zones you found the pieces that you already have excavated to avoid looking in the same zone, but it doesnt. It is strangely iminous as if on purpose

Do i really need to keep track on paper where i found what ? what is this, 1990 ?

i want to point that i do not intend to look in the web for locations of antiquities. And please dont post spoilers or locations here in the replies
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  • Kite42
    Not sure I fully understand. If you are in the quest log: antiquities section and type in the search box 'torc' then it will show which locations you've already excavated parts from. Is that what you're after?
  • Harvall
    Oh my god, thank you. Yes thats it ! But i would never came up with it [snip]. Its so not-instinctive. Game nowhere says something about filtering only aquired stuff. Like, i thought that by searching by name it will just filter out all things without the name, leaving me with just those 5 locations and same problem.

    Thanks again, Thread to close

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    We are going to go ahead and close this thread as per the request of the OP.

    Thank you for your understanding!
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