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Opinions: Best and Worst of ESO

Here is a friendly thread of what you think is the best and worst about ESO; maybe keep it to your top 3 loves and... the not so much fun. I can kick it off with mine in order.


#1 - Companions. I LOVE the companion system, it is what brought me back to ESO. I just wish I could have a self managed dungeon party of companions with companion controls such as "Don't stand so close".
#2 - Scrying and Excavation. This system is pure love and enjoyment. Most of my guild mates don't like it, but I love it. I love leveling it and running around all over the map digging up treasures and leads. It's epic.
#3 - Housing. - The housing is great fun to decorate and visit guild mate houses. I think the houses are too expensive though, especially the crown gated homes.I honestly think housing is the actual end game of ESO.


#1 - PVP. It's total manure. That is all. There are so many threads on this, it's not worth discussing.
#2 - Skills and METAs. Twofold. There are several, several skills in this game that are totally, utterly, and completely pointless that absolutely no one uses. I think ZOS should really look at some of these skills and really try to put them on par with META skills. Having METAs in a game is not always the best, but a lot of time unavoidable, it does get annoying however. It really does ruin the whole "play it your way". It more like, play this way or stink to high heaven.
#3 - Champion Point Table. The Champion points themselves are great, but the table and abilities to put the points into needs deleted and completely redone. The table should be at least 5 to 10 times larger than it is now with more valid build diversity. There is only 1-2 different ways to do the champion points per class role and that's it. Anything outside of those setup and you're just stunting yourself; especially in Warfare and Fitness. Crafting is the only table that is pretty nice.
  • Ironside
    Some last minute honorable mentions for loves is pick-pocketing, stealing, blade of woe, criminal system, etc. Loves of fun there! :)
  • Bobargus
    I think the worst thing about ESO is that the more you as a player try to reach the end-game and enjoy it, and even the hardest parts of it, the more freedom it takes from you.

    And it even tries to normalize this on the persepective of all as well, forcing it.
  • colossalvoids
    So, best:

    1. Earlier game lore and writing overall for an mmo.

    2. Reactive combat and clever use of mechanics, so PvP and PvE respectively. No matter that I suck horribly at first.

    3. Art direction and some of it's implementation. Sadly it's getting worse with slight exceptions.

    And worst:

    1. Lore post Murkmire dlc. Looking at it now maybe even past Elsweyr/Dragonhold, as we're touching new depths each year and those already feeling not too bad in comparison. Writing problems also starting to escalate from here on.

    2. Things that made me care less about the game like companions and tot, as I was an achievement hunter prior but won't put myself though miserable experience of those, making me care less about achievements overall.

    3. PvP performance. We're all knowing too well.

    4. Monetisation and marketing. From clown crates to cgi, official posts and how lacking communication is. A lot of things really.
  • ArchMikem
    As a One Star General, yes, PvP is terrible here. You're either a META Build 1vXing everyone, or you're getting farmed. It's a horrendous experience for Players who don't make PvP their entire Life.
    CP1,900+ Master Explorer - AvA One Star General - Console Peasant - The Clan
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  • Pelanora
    Everything everyone has said, so i will add small things-

    a minor best- just exploring, just riding around. It's so fun to just head off and see what there is around a corner. I spend a lot of time just hooning around, and then stumbling on something interesting to do, rather than planning to do things. I love it

    minor worst- the experience of actually riding a horse is one of the worst I've played. Still makes me laugh I've played roblox games with better horse riding (and better horses).
    Edited by Pelanora on January 20, 2024 8:01PM
  • AzuraFan

    The stories and lore - there's a lot.

    Solo content like delves and public dungeons

    Antiquities - a great system that takes you all over Tamriel

    Endeavors - the only thing that kept me logging in sometimes


    RNG - the stingiest I've ever seen in a game

    "Play as you want", as someone else mentioned, this isn't true. It doesn't even apply to something as simple as playing in first person vs. third. I can't play in first person with Azandar because of the theme park arcanist effects that obstruct my view. But yeah, build diversity just doesn't exist in this game. I'm hoping scribing will help, but I suspect it will eventually end up going down the same road, with everyone using the same scribes (or whatever they'll be called).

    Achievements - Not well thought out. Sometimes solo/group/PvP items are all mixed in under one achievement, so if you only like (or can do) one or two of those types of gameplay, you'll never get those achievements. Also account-wide achievements applying to just about everything, rather than to just those achievements that make sense. Again, very little thought put into it. Could have been so much better, but instead it was phoned in.

    The champion point system - what's the point of having a 3600 CP cap when there's nothing to put points into once you hit 1500 - 1600, due to anything good having to be slotted into the tiny champion bar that's already full?

    Fortunately, for me, the best outweighs the worst, and I'm hoping that future QoL improvements will perhaps improve on some of this stuff, especially the "play as you want" aspects and RNG (I just want it to not be so punishing).
  • merpins
    Top 5:


    The ESO community, for the most part, is great. Its housing system, though limited by its item restriction, is great especially considering the fact that you can buy a lot of the houses with gold. Should all houses be able to be bought with gold? Yes. The customization is great, as you can build what you want with a lot of different items, skills, styles of play. Should there be more? Yes. The combat is the main draw of this game, and those that say it's terrible... Why are you here? It's not going to change much. Combat systems in MMOs for the most part are "Yes, and?" and don't have huge changes, so we'll probably get additions, but never anything that will make combat feel that much different. And this is an elder scrolls game, of course the story is great. Is it executed well? Not always, maybe even not often, but the ability to dive deep into the lore is what's appealing about this world.

    Bottom 5:

    Systems (and their implementation).

    Like before, I'm starting from the bottom. What I mean by systems here is Zos' insistence to add more systems to this game every year, rather than fleshing out already existing systems. I appreciate new toys to play with in this game, but when the old toys feel unfinished or like there could be more to them, then I don't want new toys to remain unfinished or unplayed with. The card game, companions, antiquities, and now scribing. Do I want these in this game? I mean sure they're all compelling sounding, but it's a hit or miss, and only one of those is actually compelling and finished enough to use (antiquities, and only because it's just itemization. Scribing will probably be this way too). Performance has seldomly ever been very stable, not as bad as an old MMO I used to play, but never great. I've gone over Monetization a million times, but these bad practices need to go from the gaming sphere in general, and I'd love to see Zos sprearhead the movement before it starts getting banned here in the western world. Combat and balancing go hand in hand. The surface level of combat is a strong point of the game, but the changes Zos makes to old skills as seen in templar are bad and unwanted by the community at large, and some classes are just so much more worse off than others that it feels terrible in some content. PVE and PVP should be balanced separately, the class system in this game should be dissolved and reworked (as per my comment on this here: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/comment/8026347#Comment_8026347 ), and sets need to be balanced to a standard to increase build diversity.
  • HarroHerro
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    25000 hours+ across 3 accounts.
  • TaSheen
    As for why I'm here though I don't like the combat - because (even though I'm still playing both Skyrim and Oblivion) THIS game is the "current iteration" of TES, so of course I'm playing it (and even if I'm still alive when TES 6 releases, I'll still be playing ESO along with that plus the other two).

    This universe is my home - has been (with a few diversions over the years) since Arena came out 30 years ago.

    I actually just don't like combat at all any more, no matter which game.

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

    PC NA, PC EU (non steam)- three accounts, many alts....
  • SandandStars

  • OtarTheMad

    1. Stories. Some of these quests and stories told in this game are really awesome. I love the Wilderqueen story in Greenshade as an example. It also shows a different part of Bosmer with spinners.
    2. Combat- It is a great combat system. I’ve even played other games and wished the combat was the same.
    3. ZOS does not seem too afraid of going places and adding to lore. The whole Necrom/Gold Road story, going to Clockwork City, that quest with the Kothringi, Maomer, giving Left Handed elves an actual name and even just the small lore they’ve added to Snow Elves.
    4. Community- Some of the community it just completely amazing. I met a lot of great people in this game


    1. Over nerfing- I’ve seen it so many times where ZOS will release something too powerful or feedback will say it is and they will drop the Nerf Hammer but the Hammer destroys a village. It gets so exhausting.
    2. Communication- While I do believe that it’s gotten better, I still think we have some ways to go on this and it is still something that drives me away from this game
    3. Avoidance- Okay so this one is maybe just me but something’s that are so small that they could add like spells from other TES games and add some Snow elf styles/motifs and/or skins. Also, why no Imga or Lilmothiit around? They the only races that don’t travel at all? Some of these are really really small but I think would go so far.
    4. Cyrodiil performance- I do believe them when they say, at least lately, that they are committed to at least making Cyrodiil enjoyable and trying to get performance better. I’ve read them mentioning it and it seems that it won’t be off the table until Cyro is better, HOWEVER, it’s been broken a long time and this should have been started years ago before the problem piled up. I’m not ungrateful, I sincerely thank ZOS for putting in the time lately to fix this when they could have just let it rotting but it should have been sooner.
    5. Community- There is also a dark side and that’s toxic people. Whether that’s players at the top or bottom or middle, being toxic just hurts the game overall and has definitely lead me to play other stuff or just do other things with my free time.
  • UGotBenched91
    Best: quests


    Worst: feelings of progression

    Load screens between zones

    Community (community is too quiet and over serious compared to other MMOs I’ve played).
  • vsrs_au
    • scenery
    • variety of quests
    • variety of creatures
    • sets, styles and crafting
    • intrusive [non] combat pets flapping their wings everywhere or just blocking your view
    • overly-flashy mount animations
    • extremely bright flashy skills (e.g. the arcanist ones)
    • quest NPCs treating you as a complete idiot, and repeatedly reminding you of the same facts
    • lore inconsistencies caused by too many conflicting quest lines, e.g. NPCs that should be dead appear in new locations alive
    Yes, I know the 2nd list is longer, but there's a LOT of room for improvement in this game.
    PC(Steam) / EU / play from Melbourne, Australia / avg ping 390
  • kargen27
    PvP is kind of the best and the worst. When it works PvP is really a lot of fun. When the lag hits not so much. Unfortunately it seems to be a mess more often than not.

    I am lucky that I like just about everything. Didn't get into the card game but others enjoy it so I don't mind that it was added. Absolute worst for me was being forced into account wide achievements. I still hate, or at least strongly dislike, every aspect of it.
    and then the parrot said, "must be the water mines green too."
  • reazea
    Best: Cyrodiil PvP up to 2019

    Worst: Cyrodiil PvP 2019 to present and over monitization
  • reazea
    They should just make Cyrodill a PVE area with an OPTIONAL PVP campaign running separatedly.

    And they should make PvP optional in every PvE zone at the same time, right? (just to be fair)

    I don't understand all these requests to change the fundamental design of ESO and make it just like every other MMO out there.
  • TaSheen
    Well.... they could make Cyro a pve zone. IF they had twice the number of people (that they apparently don't have....) to write a ton of quests etc. Right now, Cyro is a.... um.... HUGE hardlocked zone with one purpose and one only - the funneling of pvp players into areas where pvp battles happen. So - virtually sterile when it comes to content non-pvp players consider fun.

    Making Cyro a pve zone would require at least a year of developement as regards quests etc. Maybe more than that - well, unless they just borrowed the whole of TES IV Oblivion, and stuffed it into this game.

    I just don't see any need for this. Just leave Cyro as pvp, and hopefully they will begin adding content soon.

    [Caveat: I don't pvp at all any more. But I'm perfectly willing to say that the devs NEED to add to pvp soonest. I don't know what the pvp thing in Q4 will be, but I hope it's great fum for all the pvp players out there.]

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

    PC NA, PC EU (non steam)- three accounts, many alts....
  • francesinhalover

    - Story
    - Zone designs
    - Arcanist...too bad it will be destroyed by nerfs and reworks.
    - Outfit Customization...lots of glitches, floating pieces though.
    - Companions...they barely do dmg and die too fast though.
    - Soundtrack
    - Pets
    - Shiny cosmetics... Most if not all are behind crown crates or real life money though. Well opal arms packs aren't. but im not a fan of them.
    - Great story npcs like razum


    - Housing.Too expensive.
    - Excavation...after a while it's boring
    - Tales of tribute the more cards the worse it gets. Simple games are ok.
    - Psijic skills are meh.
    - dungeons...only reason i kind of like them is because arcanist exists.
    - trials..some are horrible to play others are alright.


    - PvP hate it. Because of it pve balance is constantly bad. Separate pvp from pve.
    - Balance
    - Bad reworks. Fix jabs
    - Endless archive... Game mode is ok but the rewards are too small.
    - solo arenas.
    Edited by francesinhalover on January 21, 2024 4:25AM
    I am @fluffypallascat pc eu if someone wants to play together
    Shadow strike is the best cp passive ever!
  • Northwold
    reazea wrote: »
    They should just make Cyrodill a PVE area with an OPTIONAL PVP campaign running separatedly.

    And they should make PvP optional in every PvE zone at the same time, right? (just to be fair)

    I don't understand all these requests to change the fundamental design of ESO and make it just like every other MMO out there.

    Isn't that already the case? To the extent it's actually possible within the limitations of the engine (ie duelling).

    (I don't mind one way or another whether Cyro is accessible PvE, though it's a gorgeous landscape that feels like a wasted opportunity for non PvP players.)
    Edited by Northwold on January 21, 2024 12:59PM
  • VDoom1
    * The art.
    The explorations and the beautiful zones created. No matter what the expansion or the zone, the art team always hits the mark every single time! :smiley:

    *The music
    Absolutely wonderful music has come to the game over the years. 10/10 :smiley:

    * Character customization.
    This has only improved over the recent years. You can do a lot with this now, really make a unique stand out character which is great. Outfit system belongs here, I wonder how many hours have been spent here by us players. :D

    * Housing.
    I really enjoy housing and I take my time with it and it's a lot of fun. The downside is the limit. I can rant here for a while, but I won't.

    In the middle
    * Overall the story is great.
    The first main quest in the base game is great. Though I feel like the quality has declined over the years. Like the conversations are super basic and choices can be made for us. So it's got it's pros and cons. We've seen some really great characters with great stories. (Raz, Cadwell!)

    * New sets with every major release.
    Every couple of months I feel pressured to go and farm some new set. Just when I finished farming something. It becomes difficult to keep up. Don't we have enough armor sets for now?
    * PvP Performance.
    It's been said before. I'm a casual PvP player, I think it's a ton of fun to PvP in Cyrodiil. But when it starts to lag a lot or such, yap that is when it's time to do something else.

    * Old zones need updates.
    The base game zones, they need some love. They are where the journey began for many of us and it could use some attention. Like a fresh coat of paint. But seriously, one can visually tell a difference between old zones and new zones.

    * Werewolves
    I have to mention it. I made a werewolf character many years ago, it looks the same to this day. They need some visual updates please.
    Edited by VDoom1 on January 21, 2024 5:30PM
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  • vibeborn
    My personal top-3 fave things:

    1. The community. I have never really liked multiplayer games, because I am not a very talented gamer, and in the multiplayer games I played ages ago, the communities were nasty and toxic, so I didn't play games with strangers until I tried ESO. Of course there are disagreements and stuff, but overall people are very friendly and fun to talk to imo. (also I met my husband in a guild in ESO in 2022 so it's kinda a given that ESO's community is special to me)

    2. The questing. As I had never played an MMO, nor an RPG, nor a non-linear game before, I had no idea what all this was about. So the first few months were confusing for me, but when I got the hang of it, I realized I really love the questing aspect. I like how I don't necessarily have to follow a particular order, also some of stories told have touched me even if they are just small ones that aren't necessarily part of the zone story.

    3. The lore and TES in general. ESO was my introduction to the Elder Scrolls. I haven't played much of the single-player games, yet. But still I can't help but wonder why I slept on such a great and appreciated game series.

    My top-3 not so happy things:

    1. The need for ESO+. As someone who likes crafting, and picking up every single mat she sees, having a craft bag is basically essential for me. I hadn't played a lot last year, both due to being busy with irl, but also because I moved to another country (because of my husband) so I had to get a bank account in my new country (which was an achievement on its own, trust me) and I have yet to add ESO+ to it.
    I did try using add-ons to manage my inventory, but I don't like to not have complete control over it.

    2. The fact that you have to shout DESTROY to get rid of some of the items. I would understand if it was rare once-in-a-lifetime stuff, but some of the stuff I've had to yell at the top of my lungs over are things I can get every year.

    3. PvP. I don't care about PvP myself, but yeah, you guys deserve better.
  • TaSheen
    vibeborn wrote: »

    2. The fact that you have to shout DESTROY to get rid of some of the items. I would understand if it was rare once-in-a-lifetime stuff, but some of the stuff I've had to yell at the top of my lungs over are things I can get every year.

    You can "mark as junk" (right click the item in inventory, select that option in the dropdown), which will put it in your junk pane. When you get all the stuff you want to destroy in the junk pane, open Junk, click X (default, maybe different for you), and voilá - all gone.


    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

    PC NA, PC EU (non steam)- three accounts, many alts....
  • BenTSG
    Alright, so I guess for me it'd be;

    - Outfit System. I used to be religiously crafted sets before this because I hated having a mix matched outfit that I couldn't control too much

    - The Elyswer Chapter / Dragonhold Zones. Thanks to ESO, my love for Khajiit (And Argonians) skyrocketed from when I tried Skyrim on the 360 for all of about 5 minutes (Which was my first intro in ES, and not a long one until I got it again on Steam), so getting the Khajiit homelands was a very good day

    - Housing. Since I craft all of my characters with a story and theme, giving them their own houses (even though they may be empty) really helps me attach them to their stories more and make them feel like their own unique character rather then just another alt.

    - Overland Difficulty. This is the Biggest gripe I have with the game. I remember playing the game before One Tamriel, when everything had levels, and I did enjoy questing then since there was even just a *little* bit of challenge. I get that people, for whichever reason they have, like Overland as it is now, and thats completely fine, but to me the stories lose their feel when there's no threat or difficultly at all. I've still yet to do Necrom's story, but just haven't found the energy because everything is so easy and mind numbing. (Plus Dark Elves/Morrowind isn't my thing, so that doesn't help! Wish I did do it before the reveal though, but the story spoilers was expected to a degree anyways so oh well.) Until some sort of Optional feature is released (I do not , however it would be, to allow me to play Overland in a harder manner, it is the strongest reason to why I've stopped my ESO+ and started getting the chapters through key sites, with the second biggest reason being my next point;

    - PvP. I want to like the PvP, I really do, but what's there left to say? I remember trying it once or twice years back and sucking hard at it thanks to both how balancing just was back then, and from having a very bad build in general as well (thank you Sticker book and reconstruction!), but I feel like I missed perhaps PvPs golden age, or at least a much, much better version. I even remember doing loads of BGs when they first released, and managing to unlock the achivement that gives you 'The Merciless' title. 4 kills in quick succession, was it? In any case though, between terrible performance, terrible balance and everyone having builds that does it all and make you damn near invincible while having proc sets do the work for you, and other issues too, I just can't. No-Proc/No-CP is the only campaign I like to play since it's the only thing that feels good and actually skill based when I even do play, shame it's often pretty quiet and not maintained though. PvP was the final reason I cut off my ESO+ after having it non stop for like, 7 years, and is the second biggest thing keeping me from resubbing, though I think Overland would be the thing to defo bring me back to Plus, even if PvP was never touched again.

    -.... I'm not actually sure: I can't actually think of anything else right now that's noteworthy enough to add here. Anything else would be super small annoyance's that you'd just forget about the moment after, or simple wishes for how things worked or features be added, but nothing big or worthwhile to list here.

    I love ESO, I really do. I'd never really been into ES all too much (Aside from a few brief modded runs of Skyrim, until I modded it too much and broke it mid run to get annoyed and have to start fresh again a few months later), and didn't like MMO's like Wow, but when I got this as a birthday present back in March '16, I was instantly hooked on it. It's been a stable on my gaming routine, more often then not being my go-to to play. Dispite it's easiness, I always have something to do, be it grinding out something like Tel Var, or the sticker book, to simply harvesting materials, to just logging in for the reward and endeavours, but my two worst points are the only things I truly wish for something to happen with.
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