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What is wrong with the black market group event public dungeon?

how many times everything disappeared from my screen and i died while at completely full health? a dozen? and that's just today.

Either i get proper feedback of my health if i'm at zero health and the game isn't reporting it proprely

OR stop cheating because it looks like the dungeon resets just beause it wants to be an ass.
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  • Necrotech_Master
    i think the issue i remember in there is some of the poison dots dont actually register dmg visibly, but you are still taking the dmg, so you could mysteriously drop dead and the dmg shows on the death recap

    the thing that seemed to be bugged that i remember was the poison dot from the vials that the boss throws out, if you get hit with one of those just make sure you use some heals for a couple seconds until the poison runs out

    it took me like 2 deaths to figure out what was going on, and managed to kill her on my 4th try with a stealth built toon with no food active as long as i avoided the poison vials
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