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Overload Bugged

I'm not sure what causes this. But when Overload is toggled on, light attacks will frequently cancel. They just shut off entirely. This can be very punishing in pvp. I hope Zos can fix it, thank you!
  • olsborg
    One of the reasons this happens is if a fellow sorceror is near you and they activate/deactivate their overload, it will bug your overload.

    PC EU
    PvP only
  • Yudo
    See video where I activate overload and non of the LA works, and the entire time I am chasing doing 0 damage!

    This happens very frequently still and extremely punishing to happen to a class ultimate.
    Hope this gets some more attention, please share more feedback.

    What is happening?
    When Overload is active, I am sometimes unable to light attack even if I still have enough ultimate.

    How to reproduce?
    Still no clue but it seems to happen more frequently with larger fights.

    Toggle overload off once you notice your LA is not working.
  • Cast_El
    It has been like this for years.
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