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Druids and chimeras speculation, lore/class/spellcraft

So, there's ToT card Chimera in the Druid King deck.
Are those creatures even in TES lore somewhere?
Will chimeras ever be added as the world monsters, so we could fight them?
Will we ever have the new Druid class with ultimate or even spellcraft Chimeras with 2-3 heads (depending on the skill upgrades), each head with a separate health bar?
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  • Treeshka
    There is a Chimera boss in Galen and in Sanity's Edge trial as second boss. There are also wandering Chimeras in Galen similar to Gryphons in Summerset. So they are in the game already.

    But i do not think we will be able to spawn for us to battle.
  • tsaescishoeshiner
    One head of the Chimera is a wamasu, like the Pact. One is a lion, like the Covenant. And one is a gryphon, like the Dominion. I know these aren't the exact symbols of the alliances, but I always thought this was behind the design because it was so relevant to the story of High Isle and Galen. Obviously, in the world, chimera predate the Three Banners War by like a lot.
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  • Maitsukas
    Will we ever have the new Druid class with ultimate?

    If you played through the High Isle and Galen quests that involved having some druids following you, you may have noticed one of them using the Warden's healing abilities (notably Fungal Growth). I don't think having another nature-themed class would be necessary.
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