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Which zone hubs have the best crafting areas IYO?

For me its gotta be Leyawiin, everything is close at hand, and a stones throw from guild traders and the dropoff point. Only qualm i have is the bank is behind a door which takes half a second.

I hope that Skingrad or whatever ZOS does for 2024 has a similar if not better layout for the zone hub crafting area, because thats what will keep people coming back long after the DLC is no longer the latest/greatest DLC.
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  • AcadianPaladin
    I like Elden Root for several reasons. First and foremost, its a TREE! Secondly, absolutely everything is there, from writ turn ins, to MG/FG to Undaunted Enclave. Thirdly, Snugpod is a wonderful little home with a great location.

    Only downsides to Elden Root are that it is a bit spread out and is too crowded.
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  • tomofhyrule
    Vivec's my go to.

    All of the writ boards are close, and it's a single path from the board to clothing -> smithing -> woodworking -> other board -> other stations -> the bank to pick up potions since I'm not making those every day -> turn in. Plus the open air bank.
  • TaSheen
    Vivec first, Leyawiin second.

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

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  • EF321
    It's Vivec.
    Because bank.
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  • LunaFlora
    Leyawiin, Alinor, and Necrom.
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  • CrashTest
    Vivec because all the crafting writ boards, crafting stations, writ turn ins, and bank are really close to each other and the bank has no loading screen. Also, there's a guild trader hub nearby too right outside the crafting area.

    Vivec is the fastest most convenient place to do crafting dailies and banking/inventory management. I wish more city hubs were made like this.
  • Hapexamendios
    I've used Mournhold for a long time. It is the best for me.
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  • tsaescishoeshiner
    Rimmen 100%, because the outfit station is right there, and everything is outdoors except the bank. In Vivec, the outfit station is too far away in Vivec's Labyrinth of Noneuclidian Floorplans. Canton? More like Can't Run to the dye station.

    I suppose the same benefits apply to Leyawiin, but there aren't natural hangout spots by the wayshrine like in Rimmen. In Rimmen, the crafting path pulls everyone past the fountain and the carpets make a natural stage, and there's often music and dance. I hope they design more cities with natural hangout spots like that.
    in-game: @tsaescishoeshiner
  • phaneub17_ESO
    Mournhold Deshaan. All the crafting stations are circling the Wayshrine, the turn in is just south exit next to the Writ Voucher Furnishing people. Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Undaunted Enclave are close together. Bank on second floor has NO GUARDS I don't bother sneaking around to loot the 3 lockboxes or steal from containers. And I use the small home as my go to port from anywhere.

    It's the hub that does everything.
  • vsrs_au
    It depends on what we mean by "best". My characters do their crafting in various areas, and some of these are scarcely populated, which suits me fine. e.g. my orsimer does writs in Orsinium, and almost never sees anyone else while doing them.
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  • Mascen
    CrashTest wrote: »
    Vivec because all the crafting writ boards, crafting stations, writ turn ins, and bank are really close to each other and the bank has no loading screen. Also, there's a guild trader hub nearby too right outside the crafting area.

    Vivec is the fastest most convenient place to do crafting dailies and banking/inventory management. I wish more city hubs were made like this.

    Vivec is my close second but if you have a banking assitant its a moot point unless you do stuff with guild banks.

    Still yeah, thats what im hoping for. Skingrad was the fanciest county city in Oblivion so im hoping we get a real snazzy and ergonomic layout
  • Destai
    Functionally speaking, I prefer Vivec, Alinor, Rawl'kha. If I'm doing anything outfit or guild trader related, I stick to Alinor. If it's a newbie character or I need quick guild bank access, Vivec. Purely from a crafting perspective, they're both great. Super quick station layout and turn-in nearby. Vivec used to have some NPC in the way and they fixed that a few patches ago. Rawl'kha has everything outdoors and is quick to get to with the Sleek Creek House.

    I would use Blackwood more but the turn-in for crafting writs is awkward. They're up on this cart and my character just walks in place for a few seconds before opening the crate to turn in the writ. High Isle had this problem too.

    Rimmen's not bad either, but I find the crafting area too busy and the turn-ins are too far away. I like the nearby outfit station. I'll switch it up every now and then and do them here.
    Rimmen is the best, I do my daily writs there every day
  • Elsonso
    I prefer Vivec for my general crafting/writ location, and since I am not just doing crafting, the outside bank/guild bank and guild traders, horse training, and event merchant are all right there. The only issue I have with Vivec is that the inn house and outfit station are two cantons over.

    Rimmen is a nice second, but it is spread out a lot and the bank is behind a door. Bonus is there is a house right next to the wayshrine. If the Northern Elsweyr quests have not been done, I have to listen to that lady complain about the monks chasing butterflies, though. It's not as bad as "dragons in my homeland". :smile:

    Leyawiin has a reasonably close inn house, but the stairs are a pain. The bank is behind a door, as well. Bonus is that the outfit station is right with the crafting areas. It would be better if there were fewer carts around the blacksmith and woodworker, though. I get hung up on them more often than I care to admit. :disappointed:
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  • MonkLoHan
    I am assuming the OP means "best" as for daily crafting writs. Rawl'kha is my go to #1 spot and Alinor is second.

    Rawl'kha because you can do everything in one quick loop and even stop to train your horse on the way to writ turn in. Since I also own Sleek Creek, I can just run over to my house to decon or stash anything.

    I use Alinor for my 3 toons have have fully trained horses. No need for them to run over and train during their dailies.
  • VoidCommander
    What is the best place for writs, writ turn in, and a horse stable? I don't care how far the bank is because I have the assistant.
  • AzuraFan
    My favourites are Leyawiin, Gonfalon Bay, Alinor, and Solitude. The first three because all the crafting tables are close together and the turn-in point is nearby. The latter because I like Solitude. Until Blackwood was released, I did my dailies there. Now I usually do them in Leyawiin.
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