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Necrom ending boss fight help.

I have tried over and over to beat her but I just had to give up out of frustration. This fight is just another over-the-top boss fight in this game. Why ZOS why do these ending chapter fights need to be like this? I can't hit those orbs quick enough before I die.
  • Soarora
    What portion are you having trouble with? The lasers are a lot but pretty awesome, moving around and bashing the clones works well.
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  • Castagere
    The lasers were killing me fast before I could get to any orbs. The clones took forever to even die.
  • Elsonso
    Yeah, that is a tough one.

    There were a few times I just kept to the outside, as it was easier to avoid attacks. I just ran in circles les around her until she changed attacks
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  • wilykcat
    To the comment above mine: its confirmed that running around in circles does work.

    I was struggling with defeating that boss too. After many failures of trying to defeat the boss, I decided to try something different. I instead made my character run around in circles casting spells randomly. Then I dodge rolled or walked away from the lasers.

    There is a mechanic that comes up of when using some special ability meln's ghost sight which enables very heavy attacks when used against the clones or something.

    I made a post about this boss earlier back in November 2023.
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  • Marronsuisse
    I did this fight for the first time last night.

    You just need to focus on using Meln's Black Book synergy. I could barely dent the clones but with the synergy active they die with a couple hits. Just mow 'em down. The main boss also goes down quickly when you use the synergy.

    If you're having trouble seeing Meln's green AoE through the laser light show (I believe you have to stand in it to activate the synergy?), go into your setting and turn ally AoEs to bright lime green or similar.

    I hope I'm thinking of the right boss fight because I don't remember seeing any orbs during the fight... I'm not very observant though.
  • Nestor
    Helps to have a Healer Companion, but not a requirement.

    The Black Book helps. Use that.

    Change color of AoE attack colors to Pepto Bismal Pink and those are easier to avoid.
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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  • Castagere
    ok thx guys
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