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Imagine this exp buff during an event

event give 100% exp buff

gear gives 86% exp buff

scroll give 50%-100%--150% exp buff

i love leveling up toons in that situation. I have alts that have been getting daily login bonuses for months for months and have stockpiled scrolls and i'm just now getting around to play them and they are fast on horseback so grinding out those shards is much less painful on a speedy horse that outruns anything that chases it and is safe from being dehorsed.

(The only down side on these alt accounts is harvesting nodes are much slower than creating an alt toon on the main account that has all the cp skillpints.)

ahh the simple pleasures.
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  • ClowdyAllDay
    Shame though ambrosia doesnt stack with scrolls like it used to
  • NBlade
    you can apply your CP on your lvl 1 character..
  • ClowdyAllDay
    yes but on an alt account those might largely not be earned yet as opposed to an alt toon on your main
  • BixenteN7Akantor
    gear xp buff only work for killing mobs
  • ZOS_Hadeostry

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