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[PC/NA] School of Vitless Mudfish

Soul Shriven
PC/NA - School of Vitless Mudfish - 18+ - English Speaking

Embrace the chaos and camaraderie with the School of Vitless Mudfish, where we transcend the ordinary and revel in our unique blend of floor parses, audacious humor, and a dash of skooma trafficking. Our guild is a haven for diverse individuals, including strays, console refugees, and seasoned content enthusiasts. Step into our Guild Hall, equipped with crafting tables, mundus stones, delectable food, and more! We're diligently working on adding attunable stations to enhance your crafting experience.

Currently, we are assembling a formidable core team for Monday evening adventures and are actively seeking 2 DPS or tank enthusiasts to join our ranks. Throughout the week, our members gather for thrilling dungeons, exhilarating PvP, lorebook expeditions, and various other engaging activities. As our guild blossoms, anticipate an array of additional events tailored to the interests of our growing community.

If you're 18 or older, possess a penchant for laughter, and enjoy the thrill of immersive adventures, follow the link to our Discord. Ensure your Discord name mirrors your in-game identity, then head to the "need invite" channel to secure your invitation to the School of Vitless Mudfish! Let the journey begin.
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