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Daily rewards

Sure are lots of riding lessons on the daily rewards this month. Something going on I missed?
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  • DragonRacer
    I imagine many folks made new toons to level during double XP New Life Festival event and they would benefit the most from these riding lessons.

    Someone who totally did that
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  • Elsonso
    oldbobdude wrote: »
    Sure are lots of riding lessons on the daily rewards this month. Something going on I missed?

    New players from Christmas, new mount, riding lessons. All makes sense to me.
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  • Auldwulfe
    Yeah, New Year, New Character thing......

  • phaneub17_ESO
    Well we had a year of drought of these books, looks like they all came in together.
  • valenwood_vegan
    Doesn't do much for me as a long-time player, but I definitely hear lots of complaints from newer players about the time it takes to level up mount training, so this seems like a really nice thing for them and for people who made a new character for new life.
  • Mesite
    I only ever got one character to full horse training level. I have another almost there. They'll come in handy for me too.
  • licenturion
    I finally (after 3 years) wanted to try other classes than sorc. I levelled up 6 alts to 50 during the XP event with ease

    So these scrolls are a godsend.
  • TheImperfect
    Nice, the stamina ones are useful for 2 characters I have. I will bank the rest for when we get more character slots.
    The rewards the last several months have been great and I love the mount, seals and crates.
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