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Collectibles, Motif, Recipe, Style Page, Antiquities and more Completionist Checklist

Soul Shriven
I'm sharing my ESO checklists with the community.


To use it you have to create a copy from the "file" dropdown on the top left.

This Google Sheet includes checklists for:
    [*] Motifs
    [*] Recipes
    [*] Antiquity Codex Entries
    [*] Style Pages
    [*] Collections, including Appearance, Housing, Furnishing, Fragments, Mementos, Mounts, Pets, and Emotes
    [*] Tales of Tribute Card Upgrades
    [*] Limited Time Collectibles which are not available to obtain anymore
    [*] Info on what's included in various Collector's Editions
    [*] Research Trait Tracker for multiple characters

    This started as my own way of tracking recipes and motifs and has evolved into many other facets of the game. Part of the reason I created this is because I noticed that a number of fragment-type unlockables and other things in the game are not tracked in the collections menu. I also could never find a decent way to track all of the games Style Pages. I scoured the game and wiki and I think I've included near everything. If you happen to see something missing or a mistake please let me know about it. If you have any suggestions please drop me a message. Also feel free to add me on PSN or ESO PS NA: SirPersonJr
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