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Unlock other Harborages?

Soul Shriven
I want to complete all the zone maps, is there any way to unlock the other Harborages or at the least that it shows up white on the Map?
  • LunaFlora
    no sadly you can't go to the others.
    at least i could not the last time i tried to unlock them or discover them.

    they stayed black on my compass i think
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  • ghastley
    If you could do so, they would be legitimate fast travel destinations, so that’s probably why you can’t. An arbitrary choice by the developers, maybe, but similar to your home allowing fast travel only inbound.
  • phaneub17_ESO
    I have all 3 Harborages unlocked on 3 characters who have completed the entire Main Quest line, but they all did it during Veteran Ranks. Since they got rid of Silver and Gold veteran zones, I don't think new characters can get access to them. And yeah they work nicely as Wayshrine port locations, the one in Stonefalls is a closer location to the Undaunted Delve daily.
  • Xaat
    Soul Shriven
    Ahh that sucks, thank you for answering.
  • Necrotech_Master
    i also have the other harborages unlocked on older characters that ive had since launch, but i cant get them revealed with newer characters
    plays PC/NA
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