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ZOS, can the forum search by date feature be improved, please?

I consider this forum's search by date feature to be one of the worst I've seen anywhere, because there's no option to enter date ranges, instead all we have is a condition like "within x days/weeks/etc of <date>", while what we really need to narrow down our searches is a start and/or an end date, which would give us far more flexibility in specifying date ranges.

Please don't move this thread to Players Helping Players, because this question is directed at ZOS. Please also don't move it to Bug Reports, I'm not reporting a bug, simply a feature that needs improvement. Thanks.

Yes, I know that "within x days/weeks/etc of <date>" does specify a date range, but it's very limited, we really need something more flexible, e.g. I might want to search for posts within a 2 year, or 3 year, period.
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  • spartaxoxo
    I agree. It makes searching what you're looking for needlessly complicated.
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  • TaSheen
    @ZOS_Kevin, could you check with Vanilla to see if this is possible at all with this forum backend? Thanks!

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