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I need some help finding these for a guild event

So, my guild master organised an event where our goal is to find spot on the eso overworld. There is 2 i cant seem to find. Do any of you have any idea where i could find these?
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  • RoseTheSnowElf
    15 is Hedoran Estate SE of Crops, pretty sure.



    18 is def Cyro. I know I've run past it, but I can't tell or remember if it's outside a delve, a goat path, the EP mountain or just some small little cave opening that has a few lootable containers in it. But those are definitely NPC's. So it's not right on top of any Alliance objectives.
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  • fizl101
    I’m guessing cyrodiil somewhere. The first one looks familiar but I couldnt swear to it
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  • majulook
    Both are in Cyrodiil, I have seen and been at both not sure of actual location its a big area.
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  • ClowdyAllDay
    18 looks like the stairs going up the mountain to the poi with the giant? 15 is in ad territory i think there's bandits inside. maybre across the river from ad side in se cyrodil
  • ClowdyAllDay
    yes that map is the place i meant
  • Dark_Lord_Kuro
    Thank you all for your help!
    15 was indeed hedoran estate cyrodiil
    18 was the underpall cave delve nw of aleswell
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